Overwatch – Anchora, „Spider Mech Leak“ and Efi – MYTHBUSTED! | Hammeh

Is „Anchora“ a spider mech or omnic anything to do with Efi Oladele? An Overwatch unconfirmed leak/tip from months back has sent new hero speculation into overdrive – get a complete breakdown of the Anchora / OR15 speculation with fact checking here!

We’ve had the Efe Oladele blog has just dropped, and an old 4chan post has been combined with it by many to suggest the next hero in overwatch might be a spider mech, omnic or tank of some kind.

This has mainly been derived from trusting the 4chan post as an accurate source, then combining it with a lot of other references to spider mechs in the game…let’s separate fact from speculation! 🙂

In this video I quickly explain WHAT the theories and speculation around Anchora, spider tanks and mechs in Overwatch are, break down the 4chan post to show WHERE ALL the evidence people are presenting is coming from, both from that and other old sources, then examine it to see how much we can reasonably trust it or feel it to be accurate.

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0:44 – The 4chan „Leak“ – a summary
02:01 – Lunar New Year – how accurate is the 4chan „leak“?
03:02 – Mistakes people have missed in the 4chan thread.
05:43 – Mei „Origin Story“ – why it’s probably not true!
08:27 – Summary – How much of the 4chan leak is actually „true“?

09:00 – Anchora / Spider Mech part of the leak – analysed in detail!
09:37 – Spider Tank „Sources“ in Overwatch – source analysis
14:22 – Summarys and Other Theories!

What do you think of the Anchora speculation? Do you think Eefee will be the controller of mechs or bots, or a creator of perhaps, a self-aware Omnic?

Or, is it all just rampant speculation hype train riding out of the station?

Would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂


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  1. Mr.epic101

    You were soooo wrong

  2. Mr.epic101

    Jeez, they got anchora, or Orissa, spot on

  3. 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    Damnit! I really want Chinese new year and Christmas skins, but I had to skip these events due work. Couldnt they make those skins like buyable or something?

  4. Daniel Barrios

    Why is everyone talking about Lucio being in the new animated short but why not Symmetra? I would think that she and Vishcorp would have more of an interest in meeting Efi, and might even offer her incentives that few others could provide. Efi clearly would know about Lucio's history, which would make great contrast between Symmetra and her Viskar indoctrinated worldview. Also, Efi clearly has an interest in large mechas, so I would also think the Svyatogor's (the Russian Pilot-bots) would be of interest to her, so Volskaya Industries would also be of interest.

    The girl just became a major icon. I bet ten subscribers that the girl has been beset on all sides by interested parties and her parents are trying to vet them away until she's older. However, Efi is going to continue either way.

  5. Samurai Pipotchi

    You are so bad at pronouncing some of these names

  6. Unofficial shiny Lurantis

    we need more villans

    as much as I would love doomfist to be good
    he would match a villain better

    his name screams more EVIL than good

    relive how most good guys have a nice pleasant name


    and baddies have names like

    reaper (spoopy)
    WIDOWMAKER (venomous)

    DOOMfist ( he could level a sky scraper)

    you see were I'm getting at

  7. xDark Sniper06x

    I feel like it's gonna be the Orange or red macho man mech thing

  8. Filip

    That's an Omnic… Something like Bastion.

  9. AWinRARIsYou

    okay, but what about the open cryo pod in ecopoint? i noticed it the other day.

  10. fidly4

    I call BS on that leak. It says Mei's origin is "up next" but the new hero has to be the next thing to get lore. Not to mention Michael Chu said a Lucio animated short is in the works and the end of Sombra's short hinted at one for Zarya. We seem a ways off from exploring Mei's origin.

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