^^| Panther. Things get awkwardo. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Minecraft Thunderous - Minecraft PE

    Love the panther

  2. The Alternative Hypothesis

    Lost that game at least 3 times and still won it.

  3. Jame Gumb

    Vents, rammer, BiA, premium consumable. I call it the chaingun.

  4. Alexandru Marcel

    panther have 1300 hp at tier 7 and he is a medium … have great view range … have 198 standard pen … for a medium … and kv-13 or t-43 have like gold pen 194 … shit view range … and 1100 hp or 1200 i don t know sure …. yeah balanced game

  5. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    gotta love that tier 5 levels of dmg at tier 7…

  6. liem thanh Nghuyen


  7. Va Vo

    Do that in a Lee while ballancing a pint on your head… Then I will be impressed.

  8. james grames

    I wouldn't load gold, bounced 90% of those shots im a bad player.

  9. crambone t

    Some good playing bro
    Panthers my favorite

  10. ccmyharley d

    Way to help the T34 ! Then go for the stats !

  11. Jax

    sirfoch is way better no goldspam. he always finds a way to do it w/o premmo

  12. Jos Rimmen

    1 minute in the game and complaining again. You're even worst then Foch. It's a game with pixels

  13. vanvan22

    Ye did bloody well again !!

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