PC: World of Tanks Weekly #38 – It’s Raining XP!

This week on WoT Weekly, MeatheadMilitia makes it rain XP, tells you how to get tokens for the Shadow Tank Marathon, and breaks down the WGLNA Finals. Stay tuned for the Community Question of the week, and be sure to leave your in-game name in the comments section below!



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  1. Baxter Wellington

    How many <trumpet sound> wide eye / parentheses hands deals did you sell?

    Will not convert tank xp. Must horde for no apparent reason!

  2. PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO

    you are shaving your stache too early…. let your stache grow wildly first before you trim it, looks horrible like this.

  3. Benny Fernandez

    I used my "free" xp to jump 4 tanks to the 183. I realize WoT is a business, and as such, I choose to spend discretionary money on the game. Its my choice. Like it will be my choice to stop when I feel WoT is not looking out for the "players,cash contributors".

  4. utoobd3wd

    Using the Free XP to go straight to the Death Star. Skipping the Tortoise grind altogether.

    I'll still have 400,000+ free xp left after that for the next tank line they are going to remove/replace (hehehe).

  5. sonnymv

    double it from 25 to 50! quit being cheap wargaming

  6. Anakin Skycancer

    I got all 3 tanks for free.

  7. wallerdog

    Thanksgiving $25 Giveaway – You do not need to play to win!!!

  8. Tojo Narayan

    Jpz e100

  9. Michael Richards

    Didn't get any of the tanks, no time I work for a living. Not converting can't afford it.

  10. allendsr

    You use bait and switch in Marathon Run for day 19. Web site says 30 battle top 10% but in game says top 10% and win. You don't go by what your web site says. In your forum, many people are not happy about this and I for one am no. Turn in a ticket but to no avail. You don't go by what your web site advertise. This is not the first time you have used bait and switch.

  11. Bigginz Rich

    i think its absurd that wargaming is up to their deceptive advertising at their best. we will call these missions "TanksGiving" missions but then make them so hard the majority of tankers cant complete them and turn it into a marketing scheme to get people to purchase the token package? i personally filed a deceptive advertising complaint with the federal trade commission and hope others do the same thing. so i will not be spending one cent on black friday sales nor will i be purchasing a token package for the deceptively advertised "TanksTeasing" event. i feel sorry for anyone who makes in game purchases because like me they will probably soon regret it.

  12. Zachrie Buck

    Well if I could convert I think I would most definitely use it to race my way to the 183 it's a iconic tank and would be nice to have in game name Snap_Shot

  13. Sample Text

    Type 59 incoming for black Friday ?

  14. Sample Text

    I hate it when people say acrossT

  15. Alexander K.

    Researching the whole 183b Tech tree, Done 650k XP

  16. T G

    just got the 5A with me free xp, its a beast

  17. JM Landon

    booo! you said free xp conversion last week. Not pay gold and you get xp. this is not free. FALSE ADVERTISING! get with it wargaming.

  18. MrCrudos

    Hype 59 for Black Friday deals, just saying, you heard it here first.

  19. 0mega Zer0

    It's no free if you are still spending gold to convert to get XP. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

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