1. dszombieq

    lol…i was in love from the first 5 seconds into watching this ..:)

  2. bruno hoecker

    Emmm 2014? Why are you in my recommended

  3. zjebowita5000

    true, true

  4. gagid a

    wotb even more shit

  5. old meme

    war thunder is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mush better than a fucking arcade shitty game with shit graphics

  6. Deagle 44

    Oh no a arcade tank game playing how it should but also played by a dumbass i feel bad for your team

  7. Random Person

    Have to say about half the comments bitching about WoT (which is an arcade style game) is about the health bars. I know your WT has realistic damage models and all that shit about any tank being able to one shot you if you make a mistake, but I enjoy the Health bar system instead of worrying about every tank might one shot me I just focus the biggest threat or one on lowest hp to take them out of the game.Plus I am overly aggressive in game and push a bit further then I should but I dont want to be insta dead for that reason with the hp system I can kinda gamble my hp on an aggressive push and if I make it It feels great, but if I get smacked down by one shot I can always attempt retreat to play a bit more passively.

  8. Johnny Wolverine


  9. James Toumazis

    I love how the arcade mode is the most popular mode in War Thunder…since its supposed to be a simulator and "realistic". So every time someone says WoT is better people say that War Thunder is more realistic even though the arcade mode is the most popular mode in the game. War Thunder is sluggish and slow. War Thunder uses RNG and Gold Rounds and is also a heavy pay to win game. The premium tanks in War Thunder are better than the non premium tanks which makes it pay to win again. Fuck war thunder. Fucking homo game.

  10. tyskbulle

    War Thunders ground combat is good. Just not as fun. Apples and oranges I guess.