Polish Tanks — 1926 to 1939 ( World of Tanks – Polish Tanks )

Polish Tanks — 1926 to 1939
Between 1926 and 1939 the Polish military designed and experimented with many Tanks, Tankettes, and Tank Destroyers. including World War II Tanks

World of Tanks – Poland / Polish Tanks

Polish Tankettes —
TK1 and TK-2 Tankettes —
TK-3 Prototype Tankette —
TK-3 / TKS —
TKS of 1933 Tankette –
TKF Tankette from 1933 —
TKS-B Tankette from 1936 –
TKW – Light Reconnaissance Tank with Turret –

Polish Light Tanks —
Polish FT-17 Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe Training Tank –
Polish FT-17 Gas Tank from 1926 —
4TP /PZInz.140 Light Tank –
7TP –
7TP Twin Turret –
9TP Light Tank –
Polish Medium Tanks —
10TP Light Cruiser Tank —
14 TP Tank —
20/25TP Medium Tank –
PZInz.130 Amphibious Tank –
Polish Tank Destroyers / Self-Propelled Guns —
TKS with Solothurn S-18100 Anti-Tank Rifle –
TKS with wz.18 Puteaux from 1936 —
TK-3 – FK-A from 1938 –
TKS with 20mm Cannon —
TKS-D Light Self-Propelled Gun Tankette –
PZInz.160 Light Self-Propelled Gun —

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  1. Mystic Stirling

    World of Tanks updated a Polish Nation (well, not exactly). Curious about the Polish since they do have a great history :3

  2. Ireneusz Fleszar

    TKS-D, armarament autocannon 20 mm

  3. Timepusher

    nothing impresing

  4. Tails Xdd

    Hey, which is the song?

  5. TheUltimateRealRanger

    the fucking 7tp is badass

  6. Lizard1988pl

    Hey jmantime – just want to stick this here ^^ : In 1939 we even had a tank ace that drove a TKS with AT 20mm Wz.38 Model A gun – hes name was Edmund Roman Orlik , and on 18 of september while covering the retreat and regrup of General Roman Abraham and his battalion , Edmund destroyed 3 far more superior tanks to his – 2 Pz.Kpfw 35 (t) and (a very rare sight at the time) one of the first Pz.Kpfw IV B that was drove by pluton commander and a Racibor's Prince – a 23-year old leutnant Wiktor IV Albreht von Ratibor who died that day.On the 19 of september Edmund destroyed 7 more tanks ( moust likely pz.35's and/or Pz.II ).
    Just note that a Mini car-size 2 men tankette could take on the bulk of german panzer cores…
    Also the battle of Wzina where around 600 polish soldiers without armored vehicles for 2 days stopped Heinz Guderian and 42 thousand infantry , 350 tanks supported by 650 artylery gunz and montars and Luftwaffe… meh.. makes me feel a little patriotic…
    Grait work with the vid.

    … last thing that came to my head – Poland made a stand for over a mounth attacked by bouth the Germans and Russians while being betrayed by our grait allies while France even military supported by the British fell in 2 weeks. Hitler even showed their forces mercy at Dunquerke letting them go insted of bombing the hell out of 200 thousand men…

  7. Mario Tartilán

    i love the TKS tankette

  8. Douglas Huston

    Excellent!  I've been curious about Polish prewar tanks for some time now.  This was an excellent review and was very informative.  Thanks very much,  great job.

  9. Lenzabi

    nice stuff, shame they had not enough to stop the Germans and Russians. History might have been different had they enough tanks and maybe that heavier prototype, but the French had the larger army but the wrong military doctrines, so who knows? At least this shows how modernized like many nations were for the time period. the 20mm was considered still good enough, and the 37mm was considered a very good calibre gun for tank fighting.

  10. Piotr Dorosz

    TKS be with 20 mm gun too.

  11. Piotr Hobbysta

    We should remember, that after plenty of centuries when Poland was the largest (sometimes one of the largest) and richest country in Europe, but Poland in XVIII century, after conspiracy treatments, has been attacked at the same time by 3 countries and partitioned into the 3 countries then de facto disappeared for many years from the map of Europe. And what we see is done by Polish ppl and Poland barely after 4-10 years of being set up again, almost from the scratch, as a free country!!! 3 different regions they they had to glue together. Despite this they were the only country able to deafeat Soviets in 1920 (3 years from the establishment of the state!!!). Before partition Prussia (then Germany) was much smaller and poorer than big Poland. So take an amendment to the passage of time and conditions and don't write stupid comments please.

  12. Andy Reid

    Two of the 7TP twin turret tanks are actually Vickers VAE Type A light tanks which had less armour (13mm. front) than the 7TP version.

  13. Mario

    jak miło 😀

  14. BaranZenon

    There were also TKS Tankets armed with Heaviest Machine Guns (NKM wz. 38FK) with 20 mm barrels. A serie in the side armor from that baby could fuck up even the early versions of Panzer IV (Edmund Roman Orlik in such tanket suprise bitchslapped many tanks along the way through Poland to Warsaw). And since those were so small it was realy hard for German tank crews to acctually hit it (there is a book called ""Cockroach vs. Panzers") I only wonder what could happened if all of those vehicles be armed with this weapon.

  15. Miczer

    Tk-S will have the best camo in WoT 😀 its so small 🙂

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