Post Scriptum – WWII Squad

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  1. Real Gone Greg

    I haven't played a FPS in years but i'm ready for this one! release this damn game to the public now!!!

  2. Mats Johansson

    God dam those planes actualy sounds right !

  3. The Draconians

    I saw you in raptor's video for this game I just thought it was funny for some reason

  4. LovablePWNER

    That plane going by was fucking incredible

  5. Ronin Something

    did they update the animations with the v10 update on squad?

  6. BMSAwesomeness


  7. James Lindsay

    I have just bought Squad. I may refund and wait for this

  8. Ray Feltz

    Glad this is gonna be back.

  9. Fubbo

    I have a lot of hours in PR and Squad, but just watching this made me so tense!!! Cant wait for spring.

  10. LOOLGam1ng

    i cant wait to play this game