Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?

Is premium or gold ammo spam the future for World of Tanks? With many tanks getting armour buffs in general, and some getting much stronger turrets and improved gun depression, are we going to see more engagements on the battlefield that require the use of premium ammo? I believe we are. Lets talk about it while we watch xXx_Pro_Gold_Spammer_xXx in the Super Conqueror attemtping mission HT-15 for the Object 260.

Is Tier 1 broken?

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  1. Mihai Tunsoiu

    Got my Obj. 260 with this game 🙂 Thanks for featuring me!

  2. TRDX - Battlefront & More

    That‘s why I use derpguns only.

  3. Sapper _12B

    Gold is an issue given the current match fv4202 with crew skills @ 65% on 5th skill can't pen most t9 and pretty much all t10 vehicles..

  4. MBT808

    The one thing that he video kinda misses, is that the armor balance changes are a response to gold round complaints. I’ve only used one round of gold the whole time I played the game, it was the one of the reasons I stopped playing. The armor buffing is just Wargaming trying to balance gold rounds improperly, the community suggested several methods of balancing gold as opposed to what Wargaming is doing(but it wouldn’t be the Wargaming we all enjoy if they didn’t ignore every suggestion, no matter how reasonable and logical they are, in favour of their the developer they know their game better than the people who play it).

    Gold doesn’t push you to be a smart player or learn the tanks that oppose you, it encourages people to buy premium accounts and tanks to support the gold rounds in order to be competitive against tanks like the Maus, type 5 for example. The gradual removal of weak spots is also something that has caused problems (although not all the changes are bad, the adjustments to the German cupola and mg ports I can agree with but the British at series TD branch I don’t), but the way that the game is changing right now is bringing it down steadily. Although I would say that gold rounds(while a major issue) is one thing among many symptoms that world of tanks is being plagued with. If Wargaming stepped up to fix them, I would probably start playing again.

    Just my thoughts, good video. It made some good points.

  5. TheRageQuitter

    Premium Ammo ruins my E-100 strongest feature

  6. Kriplaik

    double push mechanic doesnt fking work suck my dick wot physics

  7. Noobie Snacks

    What % of players are spamming premium?

  8. Hao Zhou

    tundra + aimbot, what a cheater!

  9. Sir Longbollox

    I quite liked the Historical Battles where many of the tanks just had 3 rounds or so of gold ammo. I do wish WG would make an upper limit for how much you could bring of the stuff to a battle. 10% would be more than enough.

  10. Caspar and Alicia dirgemont

    Game is fucked … all these gold spammers you might as well call it world of campervans

  11. SIr Robin

    The future???? There has been spamming of gold in WOT for years. The first time I got my tier 10 tank (HEavy E5) I was constantly hammered with prem rounds penetrating me most of the time. Making playing in a heavy – armor focused tank, rather pointless. And last year this has sadly become the norm in tier 8-9 aswell. Clearly more and more people are paying to win for that penetration advantage. For me its the main reason i quit. Prem ammo removes the tactical difference and skill based aiming which i loved so much about this game. I used to review tanks for hours to find the best weakspots, what ammo to use etc. But now? No point. Either you pay to win or you loose. No thanks!!

  12. Kaarel Kostabi

    Yea its the future. After hundreds of hours and thousands euros spent it was easier to just submit a ticket for account deleting. This shit is going to be (and already is) P2W extreme edition. Thats why preferential MM has been removed. If you're lowest tier and highest is +2 to your tier. You have to shoot prem ammo or you could just try to shoot your tier tanks.

  13. Antoon de Vries

    Tier X is utterly unplayable in a true heavy tank. I can't remember the last time my dmg received log in my E-100 wasn't full yellow because anyone and their mother goes: Ow look E-100, better press 2. I'll stick to tier IX and below.

  14. Kio Shinozaki

    All ammo types are free in War Thunder ya know..?

  15. dinges

    i think they added the bonds (and fancy equipment) system to encourage players to play high tiers (especially tier 10) so they loose more credits per battle, thus buy more premium time and tanks

  16. illturralli

    I left world of tanks after +10000 games because of gold spam and the overpowered premium tanks, world of tanjs is simply pay, to, win.

  17. nucleartestrabbit

    So with all the armor buffs anyone else notice Russian mediums really need a gun buff…

  18. shut_up_ n_diie

    pay to play

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