QuickyBaby: 7.5 Preview Dicker Max


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  1. Sean Matten

    Just bought this tank, my first premium. An interesting video QB, you have come on a huge amount over the last 4 years in terms of your enthusiasm and engagement but all the info is there. And it is all very helpful. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Cyle Schwegman

    i like the dicker max

  3. Krudekoren

    ahh the nostalgia… back when the Hellcat was the M18 and the M37 was tier 3

  4. Seraphim

    That calm voice – what happened 😀

  5. Huncho

    what do u recomend dicker max or su 100y

  6. SteelWarrior115

    if bob ross played wot

  7. Andrew Lawlor

    This doesn't sound anything at all like the 'future' QuickyBaby. So mellow and subdued. I almost fell asleep.

  8. Brawlingchain 22

    can you find a video of the dicker max

  9. Historic Bob

    Whats he on about with Company of Heroes?

  10. pudelosha

    I just watched a preview which is 3y old 🙂 This game has changed so much…

  11. raul yanez cortes

    It's for free right now if you complete the missions Damage Dealer III 28 times. It includes garage slot.

  12. raul yanez cortes

    Hahaha you sound very serious in your old videos QB.

  13. Marko škorić

    would u guys suggest SU-100-Y or Dicker Max?

  14. MrLemiBL

    how can you shoot trough hill or railway ? is it bug or what?

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