QuickyBaby: 7.5 Preview T110E4


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  1. Spencer King

    Any possibility of re-doing your review on this? It's changed quite a lot in 4+ yrs and can't find a decent up to date review anywhere. Many thanx and keep up the great content! 🙂

  2. nitro 2057

    Is this like his second account

  3. Graham R

    Much shy such wow

  4. busyend

    Dr. Quickybaby..congrads btw; could you do another 9.81 video on the t110e4 before I start the grind towards it please. I just researched the IS7, now looking for a T10 TD, and I don't want to waste more grind time on sub-par tanks.

  5. Christianbenedict C. Reyes

    I love t110e4 make that tank ^_^

  6. RTX94

    Quickybaby, could you please play this tank again?

  7. Andrew Hoang
  8. Franco Isaac Ceballos

    Que novato se va solo contra tre y de cerca ,se nota que no sabes usarlo, cree que por el blindaje ya esta,no lo vence nadie

  9. Mark Milcetich

    I have the T-30 and am 50000 from the T110E4. Your video helped me feel better about grinding as hard as I have.

  10. Janik Plan

    99100 credits and 24k XP O.o lol

  11. Mirza Ajanovic

    lol AMX XMA you do know that one is heavy tank and the other one is tank destroyer

  12. EpicDude

    The ROF is 2.86 now. -_-

  13. 4902ism

    I have this tank, and let me tell you guys, this gun punishes hard! The Shell will bounce like with every other tank you play…just aim well and you will see thé result

  14. Nathan Berman

    check out Bohemianeagle's channel he does a review of it. it loves to bounce.

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