Remember Dunkirk: Tank Battles

The miracle of Dunkirk formed the backdrop of our partnership with Warner Bros. for Christopher Nolan’s World War II action thriller, DUNKIRK.

This animated short from Wargaming depicts the tank battles that raged on during the evacuation at Dunkirk.

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Tank artwork courtesy David Bouquelet and

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  1. Ramzy Hieds

    Lets talk about talks here the Somua S35 Was a very good tank although it was outnumberd

  2. BodyGuardOfLies1

    Good video but as long as you were researching it couldn't you have researched how to pronounce Boulogne?

  3. When you win at Empire: Total War

    How did they even make those huge amount of vehicles in less than 20-30 years?

  4. Alpha Killer

    Like for Hitler!

  5. WweTheDark Paige

    that is sad
    we dont ave amx m4 49 for 14 july and for the french sacrifice in dunkirk :'(
    i say that because im french ..

  6. Suleiman The Magnificent

    this is one of the best videos on youtube


    how do u still have a job? how are these servers still online. I think Foch should of sued u guys to bankruptcy

  8. Marcelo Molina

    The fallen will be remembered as hero

  9. Matt Sickle

    These campaign graphics are terrible. Even cheap history channel documentaries have more informative dynamic campaign maps.

  10. Mel Clifford

    This is all very well but could you at least have tried to pronounce European names correctly?

  11. thecoolest ofthe834s

    this is in the style of greatest tank battles my most favorite show

  12. Mikulas Vasko

    can you please record a new video of how to play T26E4 SuperPershing ? bcs when somenone new buy this useles tank he will think that its still rambo

  13. D

    Germany…using the same Ardennes trick 3 times in less than 100 years…and the enemy ends up being surprised every time lol.

  14. CoolMintz

    Just watched Dunkirk in the cinema today, it was great!!

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