1. Joshua Benson

    You need to know!


  2. GoldenRealty

    When you go on rants like this it is a good thing, it pounds the point into our heads. A short while ago I was on El Haluef coincidentally, one on one in a Cromwell with about 7 hp left verses a full health Hellcat. And guess what, there was 5 minutes left. Ringing in my ear was "5 minutes", "5 minutes", "5 minutes". And yes I won the game.

  3. Matty S

    " you can be out in the open with spot lights on you" … so awesome.. great rant!!!!.. this is a must watch for all light tankers

  4. Elson Fernando

    He is in Zeven's clan! LMAO

    He was a 54% w/r but last 7 days he has been a 47%..I think he got shocked with the comments or he is playing more light tanks trying to improve, which in this case it's good

  5. Elson Fernando

    The day Zeven lost his HUGE patience with the stupid T-54 ltwt (Penniago)

    I didn't think I would live to see such a bad player do that with such a calm, polite and focused person

  6. Ben Ootjers

    Great review again Zeven!

  7. NetherPrime

    Been a while since I've watched any WoT' videos, game changed at all zeven? lol

  8. E Kawalaski

    Zeven, buddy, you need either a frozen coffee frappe or a nice chamomile with spearmint infusion tea. Relax, my man, and keep up the good work. 🙂 We all learn one way or another.

  9. TheChaztor

    Sometimes one like is not enough.

  10. Craig Ferris

    Best rant ever

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