Retro’s curse continues ! – World of Tanks Console

Busy doing nothing – World of Tanks Console – Xbox one & PS4

You roll out with the best of intentions and just can’t achieve anything no matter how hard you try.



  1. Samuel Fugatt

    Your not having fun…just a thought. Find a group to run with.

  2. stefan wosinsky

    Use the driver layout. Much easier and pleasant to use

  3. Cagey 16

    Thanks for the vid Retro. In the last few T-54 vids I've noticed you may not have changed your ammo load out from the default setting that kicks in when you first purchase a tank or change gun. IMHO you'll need a few APCR rounds for tier 10 heavies, and you won't want to carry 10 HE shells on anything other than a Raisenaii! Cheers

  4. bandwagon240

    After the whole National playoffs, I've taken a break from WoT. So many bad games with so many bad players, it just got to me a bit.

    Been playing for 3 years on the xbox and in maybe 10 percent of my total games, people have actually known their role with their selected tank. These days, I feel like I can't rely on anyone to know what they're supposed to do as these points gathering events cause everyone to play like total fucknuts. Oh well.

  5. Ben WoT Broadcasting

    For the T54 I choosed the Obj 140 Gun which is more accurate and now I'm running an Obj 140. It's a very good tank but quite bracable espacially the fuel tank and the ammo rack.

  6. MissRaySunShine

    You're Not That Bad Retro Jules At Tanking And Besides You Did Good Anyway. I Mean If, You Needs Some Help I Can Show You The Light Tanky Ropes. Well, The MissRay Way Is A Weird Light Tanky Way But, It's Effective. Anyways, Before I Forget Retro Jules I Sent You Some Clips And, Maybe Hopefully You Maybe Show The Crusader Tank Play? Game Was Crazy Good. Oh, And P.S. I Made It In The Top 10 For WN8 For The Crusader Light Tanky So, Far On Think I Was Number 8 But, I'm On The Top Of WN8 For The Crusader For Xbox 🙂

  7. Ballistic Bird .,.

    i drive better than you with lag

  8. Mustache Guy

    When I play poorly I play overpowered tier two tanks and reek havok

  9. Wickers 75

    Hahaha! Bollocks said in slo mo is hilarious. Not sure why u call it a slump? Pretty sure when we platoon this is your normal standard?! 🙂

  10. michael

    dont lemming train or auto aim

  11. Jeff Dave

    Feeling it with you Retro. Yesterday I couldn't buy a win for love nor money. Even if played quite well my team just collapsed. lost 0.2% on my win rate in just 1 day!!

  12. Edoc Pmoc

    Thank You Retro for uploading these videos during this slump your in. This happens to me all the time and its reassuring to see that it also happens to you. When you stated that your playing a map you know but have no idea how your going to play it really hit home to me. It is so frustrating tooling around in your tank knowing that you have no idea why you've made the decisions you have or what you need to do to rectify the bad situation you find yourself in before being completely caught out and dead or left with such little health that your too crippled to even make plays anymore. Hats off to you for your humble honesty and thanks again for sharing what happens to many of us far too often.

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