ROBOCRAFT – Minecraft Meets World of Tanks – Indie Game Spotlight

ROBOCRAFT - Minecraft Meets World of Tanks - Indie Game Spotlight

Robocraft is an awesome voxel-based robot fighting game. You create robotic manned vehicles with voxel-based grid system and then go to war with your creations. User interface as well as the battles themselves closely resemble World of Tanks but the building feels very Minecraft.

Play it free here:

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  1. Aiden Mallett


  2. Alejandro Pollo

    space engineers also has voxel damage

  3. Elai Zachary Ortega

    this video is really old I was 6years old when I first watch this now I've been watching new videos I'm now 9years old and I'm almost grade 2

  4. Bernard Beato

    Who's watching in 3019!?

  5. Devan Harker


  6. Current Pocket Edition gamer

    Try blocky cars if u can't play on pc but have access to iOS or Samsung

  7. Nathan Coetzee


  8. Riley vid


  9. someone guy

    draegast robocraft has updated along time ago

  10. The Young Gamer

    it has been years but can u play again I WANT U 2 SEE MANY UPDATES

  11. Julien Siefridt

    It reminds me when robocraft was great

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