Second Line Support World of Tanks Blitz

Second Line Support World of Tanks Blitz

Second line support sounds good. What exactly does it mean though?

Today we look at a couple of tanks i regularly play as second line tanks and talk through the positioning and the science behind them. It doesnt mean 3k’s back artillery fire, and it doesnt mean nose to the butt of the is-7 at the edge of the choke point but it can mean pretty much everything in between.

Hope you guys like this one 🙂

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  1. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    nice blitz.

  2. Neil Saunders

    Please elaborate on when to use HE vs AP?

  3. Fighterred 233

    I wana see frontline line td

  4. Dark Rainfall

    I would just like to say that when you spot the enemy go in view mode and switch the amo type to know what shell type to use on them

  5. Duggage Hu

    Excellent stuff! Thanks for all this.
    Suggestion to educate us low-tier, fewer-than-2000-battle noobs:
    When you have a point to make about tactics, could you expand the mini-map, and put in boxes and arrows (kind of like a weather map) to show what the greens and reds are or are not doing, or might do, as you are thinking…?
    Also, a question: When do you glance at the map? During every reload?
    Duggage_Hu (EU)

  6. KAZAZplayz

    Why does he play on 3 servers then?

  7. Ted Busante

    why no subs replay?

  8. Sergio González Torres

    Let me get this, you will take the weekends off, right? I've seen like 10 comments saying "Bushka are you ok?" Please make it official so that we know that you are good

  9. jmhor 99

    Hi bushka I want you to talk about the tank panther 8'8

  10. Ne Var Ne Yok ?

    Something is wrong bushka didn't post videos for 2 days I hope he's fine

  11. EconomicsMate [O-G]

    Hi Bushka, wanted to ask u a favour. Many of my clan members and friends(especially me) have been dying to play in a live stream platoon with u, like Hughbert Jass. So if I may suggest, other than the competition u want to do, maybe u could have a weekly Sunday live stream platoon on the Asian and NA servers, which would really boost ur channel publicity and hopefully patron sponsors. Thx

  12. DNF phobia

    i'm so confused right now, so i'm not exactly a beginner i have two tier 8 tanks but i just started watching youtube videos on wot and wow there is a lot to learn, i was wondering if you had some sort of beginners guide to this because i was watching some of your videos and you're using a lot of vocabulary that i just do not understand at all, so please just help this helpless noob

  13. Tyler Hernandez

    Gg bushka been stressing this too with me rustyguns(AFK) commander and romhel(AFK) commander to help others learn that although the maps are built like like forward assault u still somtimes have to play second line.

  14. DavDav

    can you do a video covering su 100y? I just bought it and I need some advice…

  15. 奇妙な


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  16. Clash2 Clash2

    Hey bushka can you make a video on how to use a paper tank destroyer and how to play a medium

  17. محمد مصطفى

    Bushka. .great job mate.. u are a real legend. and u are not cocky .

  18. Noah Martinez

    Ahoy !

  19. Coconut - Chan

    Can you make a video that your explaining a particular set of tanks and your explaing whats there roles?

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