Sherman FireFly – World of Tanks Blitz

Yo Waddup Guys From MeMasterGamer Games.
Today I’m going to play Sherman FireFly
I’m MeMasterGamer 17 Years Old And I’ve been Playing This Game For Around 2,5Years
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  1. นักบิน หญ้าเขียว

    Tier5 body. Use stock gun tier8.
    lol. Huhuhuh

  2. Chariot_Solace

    Do a Grille vid with the Troublemaker camo please

  3. aldirapandu witama

    Best Pen on tier 6? Don't forget about the ARL-44 90mm gun it's 200mm of pen

  4. Player_7362923157 On Blitz


  5. That Badass American

    I've been seeing alot of these while battling with my KV-1S or my T-150. Pretty good penetration for a Tier VI.

  6. Alejandro HP Bv

    eres bien adicta :v

  7. Allard B.

    Do you like the tank? Is it worth spending time on?

  8. EdAWACSdenyY -

    Wtf is that engine noise

  9. Fadi Shhoure

    Best youtuber WOTB

  10. gg gggg

    MeMasterGamer Games you can play the new legendary camo on grille 15?

  11. Ondra Toman

    Finnaly sherman firefly os in wot blitz and with his OP gun

  12. Tuberculosis_victim

    You could have gone afk at the beginning of the third game and your team probably still would have won that one.

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