I read shitposts to all of you lovely people. A totally original concept never done before by anyone else I swear. God knows if you people will actually like this, but I’ve been asked to do more readings, so hey, why not?

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  1. Carla Orellana

    Well, I hate all men… don't ask.

  2. Grant Morrow

    any meme involving giraffes is super uber mega ultra super duper pooper duper uber mega ultimately extra really pretty darn DANK

  3. Ironed Sandwich

    I am going to hell for laughing at this

  4. Snobb

    To this day, I'm still infuriated that some wanker over at the internet is unaware that 0 degrees Celcius is really fucking cold, and 100 is really fucking hot. Normal people know this out of nature and base their temperature scale on water (a commonly found material on earth and 72% of human mass are comprised of it) instead of fucking mercury (a material in which to some is unheard of and has toxic effects on many organs). Celcius is for people, Fahrenheit is for mercury, and I'm 72% water, not mercury.

  5. The king Bee123

    How to caption falcon

  6. Davito2000

    The Indian must have owned the laundromat, not the laundry. No point in washing out that curry smell without a healthy dose of cow piss in the river water.

  7. Earth The Kid

    "I was a stupid 3 year old and fell into a laundry basket and almost got myself killed, now I hate all Indians"

    -every fucking person on /b/

  8. Matt Pridie

    kill yourself please 🙂

  9. Sinthetic Swine

    these were quality shitposts lads

  10. Salad Snak - Pranker of Worlds

    People are 60% water. What percentage of people humans though???

  11. One Great Potato


  12. Mad Hatter

    History Revision Essay 4

    There were many reasons for the Spanish Armada, most of which were due to Elizabeth I purposely angering Philip of Spain. Elizabeth’s goal to anger Philip was administrated by Sir Francis Drake, who many of the Spanish considered a pirate.
    One cause for the Spanish Armada was the execution of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587. Mary was a devout catholic whom Philip wanted as the queen of England, so much so that he devised multiple plots to overthrow Elizabeth. As Mary was dead there was no Catholic Heirs to take the thrown from Elizabeth had she have died. As Mary was at one point married to Philip she would’ve been the ideal monarch of England.
    Another cause for the Spanish Armada were the activities of Sir Francis Drake. Drake constantly attacked Spanish ships and stole their gold during the events before the Spanish Armada. This angered Philip greatly as ships were expensive to make and without the gold that had been stolen it would be even harder to replace said ships. When Philip complained to Elizabeth about his ships Drake was knighted which aggravated Philip even more.
    One Final cause for the Spanish Armada was how Elizabeth helped the Protestants in the Netherlands. In 1585, Danish Protestants rebelled against their Spanish Overlords; Elizabeth helped them rebel by sending soldiers and money. This angered Philip immensely as Elizabeth was directly attacking the Spanish Empire. The showed him that England would never be allies with him and that he would have to take it by force.

  13. Mashhead's Shit Posts
  14. Stephen Chowder

    I dunno if I'm just stupid but I don't get the Celsius v Fahrenheit one. He says Americans use Fahrenheit because a 0-100 scale going from really cold to really hot respectively makes more sense but that applies to Celsius not Fahrenheit. 0℉ is -17.77778℃ which is really cold yes but 100℉ is 37.77778℃ which is around body temperature so it makes the numbers seem really arbitrary in terms of just looking at it from a sliding scale of 0-100/ cold – hot.. As opposed to O℃ being cold as hell and enough to make water freeze (I.E the weather outside will therefore be freezing) and 100℃ being really fucking hot (I.E. if its 100℃ outside that's enough to make water starting boiling so fucking stay inside or something).
    Am I missing a joke like am I just being retarded here or was that a legitimate argument for Fahrenheit I'm very confused.. I even looked this fucking post up to see if it was a joke and people are just debating its validity I don't understand.

  15. hps362

    TFW weegee is just TGWAV but only one episode.

  16. Tomas 2304

    I like celcius more than fahrenheit

  17. RedtheKingrs

    Wats the background music

  18. The Simple Gamer


  19. thank god for my reefa man


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