Steel Hunt – Every Tank for Themselves! World of Tanks 9.9 Domination Game Mode

Steel Hunt - Every Tank for Themselves! World of Tanks 9.9 Domination Game Mode

Steel Hunt, the latest new game mode coming to World of Tanks with patch 9.9. But whats it all about, and how does it work?

More Domination gameplay:


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  1. Mick S

    The repair points also reload your gun.  So when in your Batchat and need a reload (or are low on ammo), get into the repair point to reload in just 5 seconds ;).  Stay near the repair points.

  2. Golem WoT

    I can't play this… seriously I need 55k (approximately) more exp to unlock the 50B while it's on 30% discount… I don't have time to play other things! 
    I had time the previous patch to play 1 or 2 to get the medal but as things are now… (Just as the rewards are coming up a bit as well, it seemed pretty decent in terms of EXP now as well… still no 8 bit Winter mode OP crew trainers but reasonable).

  3. Luka Žnidaršič

    Thanks for this review, +AgingJedi-I think this game mode is quite awesome now…it offers you the chance to get to know tier 10 tanks and to decide which one to get and also it gets you a free 100% crew without needing to spend gold or lots of time on it 🙂 I am glad the credit earnings are much better now…I think this will encourage much more people to play this mode, because anyone, who is a decent player, can earn at least some money, even with a non premium account 🙂 This awesome ^-^

  4. Mickleblade

    I was so unimpressed with dom mode that I nicked the crew of the t57 for my brand new t29, yay, gained 5% on crew for free! Hmm, shame I haven't any Russian TDs in play…

  5. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    some people actually make up teams in the solo, i even join in random teams hehe, and every battle in domination i do i always help any enemy from danger from a different enemy, and leave the enemy i save and go to a dicferent enemy.

  6. ghostsy

    Nice vid as always 🙂 Check out Total War Arena

  7. moonhunt

    Havent bothered playing these temporary gamemodes much. If there was a chance to go in as a bigger team I might give it a go, like a clan-thing or a bigger platoon option (5vs5, 7vs7 etc). The thing with this mode is that it is way too chaotic and RNG based, so it doesnt really help players improve in the normal battles. They also tend to take more time than the random battles, since you respawn in new tanks all the time. The total battle doesnt necessary last longer but you are pretty much stuck in it for the whole game, unlike the normal mode where you can leave the battle early if you are taken out. I may have played it more if I didnt already have those tier 10 tanks, but since I have them I prefer taking the real thing into normal battles.

  8. ewok40k

    best mode ever, no teammates to either get in way of your skills or blame for your failures…

  9. Youssef Sammouh

    I think u can use the IS 7 and T57 Heavy to hold off enemies trying to stop ur team's flag holder

  10. Roust Fps

    Great view on the new game mode mate! I just find myself not so interested in this mode.

  11. timmyp34

    Absolute total horse fucking shit mode.  The fuckbrained shithead that OK'd this shit mode should be tortured to death.  And while in hell she will be condemned to play it in eternity, where every single time they will spawn in front of a 268 that will track them and rack them to death every fucking time.

  12. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    Do you get to keep equipment ( rammer, vents, optics …)that u install on the tanks when the mode is over?Kept asking around and nobody knows for sure.

  13. Spadacom

    Do you know if, like the previous domination mode, you keep the crews from the event tanks after the end of this event ?

  14. BlobLeFish Gaming

    That was an amazing game! It was really intense near the end.. Some first hand experience aha! Great to see you used that game oake!

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