Sturmtiger Easter Egg – Vineyards || World of Tanks Blitz

G’day Everyone,

Shoutout to Codfish77 from the Triarii Clan for showing this one too me, could this be a hint for artillery coming to blitz? :O hopefully not. Enjoy the video!

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World of Tanks Blitz Easter Egg

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  1. Pinhead Larry


  2. Pinhead Larry

    +PixelRageGames with which program do you record please answer

  3. LEGO World War 7163

    I think there adding artillery

  4. dávid kiss

    no strumtiger is tanodestroyer

  5. kiko mozgo

    you scr azscrean recorder??scr pro?you scr?

  6. R3ap3r13928

    Sturtiger is also in rockfield

  7. Luke Byrne

    why can't you people read the dev diaries?!

  8. TANKi ProGr

    Hopefully YES!!But it cant be done i believe,there have to be big map changes.

  9. Wot Blitz Funky Noob

    Watch this video, there is the third Easter eggs, what is it?

  10. Demetrious Mercado

    Awesome video,you have yourself a new subscriber.

  11. Striky :D

    sturmtiger is in coperfiel and in new map

  12. Mr. Hymn


  13. Puca

    Nice mate I knew you'd find some on the new map 🙂

  14. Michael Meris

    there is also one on rockfield

  15. __Serial_Killer__ [_PREM]

    Its stürmtiger. Thx for sharing.

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