SU-152 review!

Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. XXX_Thomas_The_Dank_Engine_XXX
  2. nick van achthoven

    i should have derp likes this on my su, instead i went 122 ap

  3. banana 101

    this tank is slow

  4. comando160

    pilnigi piekritu, tikai pedinji shauj ar zeltu! – agree with faggot part!

  5. dunderogbrak

    dissin HEAT because youre too fuckin broke and a no lifer sitting nerding hours on end over this game. You pricks should thank us noob gold ammo spammers because without us you wouldn't have a WoT to play. We OWN this game! BAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

  6. Ryan Brown

    If you use HE you should get better at the game lmao

  7. vvav

    If you want to pad your wn8, all you have to do is earn credits in a tier 8 premium tank and then use those credits to spam HEAT in this tank.

  8. theGUYwho1

    im sorry I gave all the vids of this guy's the view, if YouTube knew all I wanted to do was leave a comment and NOT watch, that would be the Shit! but it doesn't so I did, and now there's five or six more views the fucking RETARDED GOOF Doesn't deserve even if I'm trolling the comments

  9. Reb Haleous

    you fools jusd don't know how to use AP on weak spots! dang stop arguing on HE and HEAt just use The damn AP

  10. Chaser Drew

    worst tank i've ever played stay away from it, it's just crap

  11. gerapro

    Thanks Foch,you're awesome!This helped me out a lot,I was really struggling with this tank.

  12. SeriousShone95

    6:33 I got my abs ripped from laughing at this.

  13. Wildctg17

    well done, love my SU152
    Sometimes can toll you so hard for a few shots, then behaves for many games afterwards.

  14. Ricardo Carmine

    im a real man, i use the 152mm

  15. Muthanna Almughairy

    "this is stalin " oh this got me laughing so hard:)

  16. Ericonan Brah


  17. Kreismaker

    where are you from? i cant place this accent^^

  18. TheSalmonStories

    "The bigger the number, the better the accuracy" LOL

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