SUB PLATOONS – World of Tanks Xbox One

A short stream from Tuesday featuring platoons with subs! World of Tanks Console.

Game 1 – 5:14
Game 2 – 26:03
Game 3 – 34:20
Game 4 – 43:02
Game 5 – 50:14
Game 6 – 56:57
Game 7 – 1:08:18
Game 8 – 1:13:55

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  1. The Beard Guys

    Game 1 – 5:14
    Game 2 – 26:03
    Game 3 – 34:20
    Game 4 – 43:02
    Game 5 – 50:14
    Game 6 – 56:57
    Game 7 – 1:08:18
    Game 8 – 1:13:55

  2. David Cardill

    Oh My Goodness, that was painful. I hope you don't get all batshit crazy when I offer some criticism, however criticism is how I improve, so, why not others? Anyway, watch this yourself and just watch the first match in it. You were so busy not looking at the game that you had such an opportunity to have a smashing success there, but you just consistently did not pay attention to the game. Especially at the end where you completely abandoned the last few guys and ran away. You COULD have spotted more, shot more, and helped your team win there, easily.

    I'm sorry, but that was painful to watch, it really was and if you don't believe me, just watch the first match yourself, and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Ross Stewart

    GG Ben and all the Beard Guys 🙂
    Ben i switch between maps as the game dictates and depending on which tank i'm using.
    CQB use the round map as more zoomed in especially in built up areas.
    Now subbed to Twitch 🙂

  4. Jayvon Webb

    Did you guys get any of the tanks in the event last month or did you not give a shit for it?

  5. Rob H

    you did platoon with fools.

  6. anthony moseley

    Hi I try to find u on my Xbox one but can't find you guys to add in world of tanks please help

  7. DeathToAll Live

    17:59 totally would have had him if you didn't stop.

  8. Caleb Mckeown

    Love u channel hope u get alot of suds

  9. InsanityGamer15

    I was in a game with Lam yesterday in his WZ-132 tier 8 Chinese light tank and I was in the tier 8 German Borsig tank destroyer, I asked for a platoon (only one) and he didn't answer, I felt so bad

  10. Viral Virus

    Tips And Tricks for WOT

    Uninstall the game (you will thank me………………………………one day)

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