^^| T-150 Solid Heavy. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Some Anti-French British Bloke

    I don't see why he saw fit to use his APCR against an IS. 167mm of pen is more than enough to pen an IS.

  2. bacon Bliss

    this isn't as good as Steve in his kv-1

  3. GrandPrixRacer100

    I literally aced my T-150 while watching this video.. And I hate the T-150, tbh.

  4. killswitch95

    I'm so triggered because the video cuts off mid-solo for Holy Diver…

    But yeah, T-150 best Tier 6 Russian heavy. Sure it's blind, but it's a brawler, so it's fine, and it's only slow because of the tank traverse, you can fix that with Clutch and Off Road Driving, and then it just glides over the ground…

  5. JSparrowist

    Was circon shoving food into his beard?! O_o

  6. orusdamar Gutierrez

    Why does his screen shake when he shoots? Every other person I watch just doesn't shake at all can anyone explain please

  7. Mitchsand53

    10:15 Holy Diver by Dio!

  8. Hwmuli The Brewmaster

    I think Fv 304 should renamed to Fat Bertha because of it's size nerf.

  9. h4z4rd42

    Guy in chat says: Rally Walters… 🙂

  10. Bogdan Bosiokovic

    I love that tank it made me think that it isnt tier 6 lol with that glorious 107mm ZiS-6 it can pen up to tier 9 mediums(tested that)

  11. Cobra6 Gaming

    Dat VK2801 driver, such skill, much wow 😀

  12. Lucjan Zuchowski

    he suck camping even in the heavy tank like scared pussy

  13. Sven van Dongen

    Holy Diver! Classic!

  14. Yeti_Games

    Archer memes

  15. Hakan Jr

    Fkn Noobs game …:) Kids are everwhere

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