1. ScienceFan1859

    My ammo load out I make a point of having multiples of magazine load: here it would be 6x…for all my auto-loaders … nothing worse that partial clips THEN full reload time…ugh

  2. Marcel Peter

    Belongs here:
    First time I had the guts to use the big cannon and WAIT …and was last man standing!!!
    Took out a Marder II, B1 and SU-85B. Your stuff really works. Thanks!!!

  3. redtomato -

    so hard to master this tank

  4. _CaptN__

    Excellent Seal Clubbing tank with the Autoloader on it.

  5. Tim Smith

    Good review and fantastic gameplay. I had a terrible time running the 76mm derp gun when I was a new player, you did much better with it than I did. I suspect that's because you're an experienced player with good survival skills. That derp gun is definitely not recommended for new players. Most newbies would run out, get off one shot from the big gun, and then die in a hail of shells while reloading.

  6. mrblitzed

    Sry not a future mom rads cus Eu . Gj