T49 – Wait, Its Not The Derp Gun?? – World of Tanks

T49 - Wait, Its Not The Derp Gun?? - World of Tanks

Fantastic game by Nikolaink123 using the 90mm gun on the American tier 9 light tank, the T49 from World of Tanks. Usually T49 replays will be with the big derpy howitzer as it can create some really funny results, but from this game you’ll see the 90mm gives a much more consistent and reliable performance.

T49 Derp Games

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  1. MacRedbaron

    I just got this tank, loving the 90mm. Ofc I cannot wait to try the derp, but the 90mm is lethal in itself.

  2. Certyfikat 1

    Dont you think he can use an aimbot? Just look how he aims – aiming cross is jumping from weakspot to weakspot, and he always place a shot on target, also when the target is moving and partly hidden behind a cover, like this t71 for example.

  3. Arjan Kasapi

    what a fucking legend. and nice communication too, if you see the chat he asked about the HP of the WT long before he was the only enemy left because he knew he had fled and would be faced last. And then he asked what gun he had. Awesome.

  4. Chukku

    Awesome game, especially with that ammo loadout 🙂

    But what exactly is a STRV 71? 😉

  5. Michael Nance

    Oh Ya , the 90 is a great gun , but the Derp is so much fun and has a better arc to whack those pesky ridge pokers .

  6. frustriert

    what a game 😐


    All heretics shall burn! 152mm 4 LYFE!

  8. Celio Ribeiro

    Sorry AgingJedi where you're from ? You have a funny accent 😀

  9. John Vaughey

    I love the 90mm on the t49. Much better than 152 imo

  10. Milo Foreman

    Disgusting. That's not the right gun…