T95 Turtle Power | World of Tanks Blitz

The least maneuverable tank in Blitz carries a big stick. Just be sure to keep your gun in the game and the enemy in front of you.

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  1. Zamuel jordan Casimiro

    Real story
    I act like I'm a youtuber commentating myself so I get embarrassed or afraid to make mistakes and actually it keeps me calm all through out the battle actually this worked yes I do record it and post it sometimes

  2. Some Random Channel

    The T95 is Donald Trumps wall
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Alterate Awful

    imagine this thing runing at 70km/h

  4. Tankiste_919AS


  5. Javier Andres Andrade R.

    Suscribed, You're a excellent player. LIKE

  6. ณภัทร ตั้งอยู่สุข

    that track look like your tank go really fast but in fact only 7 km/hr lol

  7. Thomilandi

    Anon i just uploaded a Video showing secret cammo that i found on the game files, if u want to use my vídeos u can , i just uploaded cammo of UE , US and JAP in some hours RU , Pls look at them 🙂

  8. jacob turner

    wall of skill

  9. mat jang

    Do you play PC as well?

  10. Lugiarocks13

    I do say but the Tog is the slowest tank

  11. Ahmed Bhatti

    Loved this tank. So many masteries and steel wall medals but it's shit now. A dude with half a brain would cod me. This tank made me rage sold my tank few months ago.

  12. IStoleYourLife

    Hey dude I'm thinking of starting my own YouTube channel so I was wondering how do I record my games?

  13. محمد مصطفى

    any idea anout update 3.3 not working ..message say ur connection cut with the server ???

  14. Chet Peterson

    Wow there is a huge portion of the video that got cut out or the audio is off

  15. _R3tribution

    dang man. You make it look op lol

  16. Rio Grande

    t95 isn't the least maneuverable tank anymore. that goes to t150.

  17. Phoenix156

    what region are u play?

  18. spiralwhirlpool2366

    Donald Trump doesn't need a wall, he should just get a buttload of t95s

    Jokes aside, Hope to see a tort review soon :/

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