Tanker Tips: Crew Training Tips – World of Tanks Tips Xbox/PS4

WoT Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PS4: A handy trick for helping keep your crews at 100% when moving them to a new tank without using any gold! Tips for WoT Xbox One, 360 & Playstation.
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  1. Jibbz707

    PLEASE do one on how marks of excellence works!

  2. hamza ali

    my mentor perk is stuck on 11% help

  3. Barnaby Bourbon

    if I installed a crew with several skills at only 75% for a new tank do I loose all the skills or do I get the skills back once the crew is back up to 100% in the new tank

  4. Cpt Beardface

    Wow, that's awesome, that's going to really help, I can't believe I didn't know about this until now

  5. rob work

    ok so I have a crew that's 100% and I've ground out 35,000 xp after they reached 100% if I switch them to the new take would they still be 100%? is there a exact number of xp you should over lvl?

  6. nik frisbee

    In have question. Let's say we don't pick a perk/skill like one does to over train a crew and we need 50k xp left to over train that said crew. Can this crew be moved at say 25k xp in a premium tank for a bit and then move the back to complete the needed 25k to complete the over training ? Does this still work if the crew is moved into a premium and back again ?

  7. Janusha

    The crew management is one of this games absolute worst sides. Its ridiculously clunky and nonsensical.

  8. Bullet Bill

    Great tip thanks!!

  9. Dan Channer

    Why didn't I know this? Doh!

  10. Revernaut

    So, this glitch, or bugged game mechanic, does it still work in the Xbox One edition of the game? As of 9/20/15?

  11. Saylah2004 Heath

    Great tip!

  12. David Hankins

    Been working on it myself and it does work

  13. Don Hokirk

    Wish I had this sooner. TY

  14. Steve Opie

    thanks for clearing that up, did wonder why i could add 3-4 perks on my pzv-iv after moving the crew from another tank
    cheers Steve

  15. Rick H

    Fantastic tip. Thanks

  16. Taqweeeeeto

    Sorry, how much xp on your T29…?

  17. Trevor B

    Thanks Don:

    Just recently read about this over training on the WOT forums.

    Explains it very well.

    Keep those tips a comin!

  18. LeaderOfKaRu 420

    Nice to know 😀

  19. xAlphax23

    Wow this is pretty awesome. Great vid bud this will really help out in future grinds

  20. drkmage01

    nice tip,, never even thought of doing this,, could of used this 20 tanks ago though:P

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