TASTE MY TANK! | Valiant Hearts: The Great War #6

Looks like the glove’s on the other foot now in Valiant Hearts isn’t it!? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

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Game Link:

Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by „Teknoaxe“. It’s called „I’m everywhere“ and you can listen to it here


  1. Jaxon Boyd

    19:44 He said my name!

    Read my Name (Jaxon)

  2. Scott Kocul

    Yes jack it actually did happen in real life the British blew them up and captured the rest of the germans.

  3. Macaroni Madness

    I'm 2 years late on this but just in the right feels since I just finished watching Wonder Woman.

  4. TheLastGuardian

    thats like 500mm turret holy shit
    is that Birch Gun V.0.5??? ;DDDD
    Birch Gun is artillery tank btw

  5. Vandri Qiu

    Did everbody know the red thing is for on Karl's neck. That thing is for going to the sleeping place If you dosen't have it you cannot go in there.

  6. Evolution Games


  7. Explosivestudio5

    It's been so long since I heard the full Jacksepticeye outro because I always click the next video when he says that he has to end the video

  8. Brooklyn Roberts

    I am glad that Jack dose not say the n word

  9. Caden the cool115

    did the original dog die???

  10. allan munro


  11. Party playz

    7:30 blah blah BL… OH PONIES!

  12. TheRealFegelein :D

    "New Wife"? the fuck?

  13. Dr benzedrine White

    when i heard underground warfare i was like no no no no no

  14. khatesa labony

    12:13 did he just say "tobacce"?

  15. Mike Holmes


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