That One Bounced!: Episode 1
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Before you watch this film, you should make sure you have seen the prelude first.

Well folks, here is our first prequel. I repeat, PREQUEL. This takes place before BO series. I don’t know what to say about it, but if I had to describe the general theme for this one, it would be substance abuse. 0_0 How did this happen? I don’t know…

One of the things that is new to the creation of this film, is that I was able to film it with a true free camera! Shots that were impossible before using a camera tank are now possible with a free cam. The other big feature is the Company of Heroes 2 soundtrack. As most of you know, I often use the CoH soundtrack in my movies because its friggin amazing. Now this time, we have a Russian themed soundtrack.

I do not know if I will continue this prequel series. I’ve set it up to be three episodes, just like the last trilogy. The problem is, I’m about to start working in real life, and won’t have the time like I’ve had before to work on movies. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I just can’t say for sure right now.

(0:04) Vat19 – Das Horn
(0:11) CoH 2 – Blitzkrieg
(0:29) Anno 2070 – Observe Your Neighbor
(1:15) CoH 2 – Blitzkrieg
(1:23) CoH 2 – Soldiers, Be Wary
(2:00) CoH 2 – March Into Hell
(3:32) CoH 2 – O My Brother, Be Strong
(5:23) Neil Cicierega – Brodyquest
(5:55) CoH 2 – In Russia, Rubik’s Solves You
(7:38) Battlefield 1943 Theme
(9:02) CoH 2 – Main Theme
(10:55) CoH – Ashes and Blood


  1. I see you Bro

    2:37 me when I see a tiger

  2. Aidan Gomez

    Is this Gmod?

  3. Surashi

    y tho?

  4. Nathanael Isaiah

    Hey there is a heavy from the team fortress two!!!

  5. Nico Unterberg


  6. sniperloic production

    COH2 spotted 😛

  7. Savannah Day

    What America and the Russians were friends in ww2

  8. Conor Wheaton

    Russian bias.

  9. Iuli 1234

    J.C. is a racist (he killed the black guy cause he didnt smelt good) #racismfromjc

  10. Lord Fun

    lol 5:50

  11. byxXJonasXx

    I'm of the german said.

  12. 인마살


  13. AnimeT0getherEU

    8:46 would be so funny when they just lay there destroyed xD

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