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The All or Nothing AT-2. Is it the best armour in its tier? Or the most pointless lump of metal in history. Its all dependant on which end of the tank the targets are on.

The turret is literally pointless, the gun is a 20 round per minute death by a thousand cuts…so whats good about it?

Well its armour when properly used is brilliant at stopping low calibre auto loaders and the like and generally causing angst in the hearts of those who have to pen it.


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  1. ChitFromChinola

    Drawback? This tank is a snorefest.

  2. Loyd Daez

    I love At2 they are fun tanks it's a good distraction tank of all to keep all enemies to focus on you mostly.

  3. Sebastian de Vera

    I’m about to get this tank thx for the tips and all

    I gotta say
    Valentine AT
    What a pain

  4. Luckyluchs777

    At-2 with turret, pretty powerful if not OP

  5. Grease

    Me over here, unlike anybody

    The at2 is draining my winrate currently, any helps, pls?

    And i also i " charge " at the enemy and im the one who usually dies first

    (EDIT) now its not, i currently have 62% in my at2, its pretty great, and i dont die first now

  6. greer nelson

    Nigh on impenetrable from the front? I pulled out in front of some tier 5 tanks and some tier 4 tanks in the first game I played in this thing, and I got shot seven times, with only two bounces.

  7. James Chow

    The AT 2 has a weak spot at the front. See the two boxes at the sides? I once shot those with my vk 28.01 frontally and destroyed the AT-2. And I was firing standard rounds. The Vk 28.01s APCR will easily go through the lower part of the front plate.

  8. jotai _

    at2 cannot handle kv2

  9. Aaron Belden

    That lttb jumping the t34 is a great little snippet to watch…I giggle every time

  10. taco swuavee

    I love my at2 <3 I got a video of it on my channel 🙂

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