1. Dale Trecartin

    Yep, that crosshair certainly helps one to use information YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. Just how does the tank crew get such a good idea where a hit came from? 'Somewhere to the front left', sure. '37.5 degrees left, just beside that rock', no. Go back to the old hit direction indicator. Fortunately not many seem to be using the new indicator to its fullest so reverting to the more reasonable old one shouldn't be too disturbing to most players.

  2. Augustin Dominte

    Where are you, we need more videos.

  3. zpolukuchka

    I used to use HARDscope
    accurate damage indicator
    and the crosshair from meltymaps mathmod
    -shame none of the old mods work now

  4. Schützstaffel Wiking

    Good tutorial subscribed

  5. SlyMeerkat

    Wow, that is an interesting discovery made using the crosshair after they have brought in that new hit marker information

  6. Florence00pi

    Good tip, very helpful! Even for an established player like me with >30K games.

  7. Edrei keep

    platton plssssssssss!!!!!

  8. Potato Productions

    Anyone know whats it called?

  9. boombeartree

    nice video thanx for the info

  10. #number sign

    Really good point.
    I have 25k games and this never crossed my mind… i saw it as unimportant crap covering my screen.

  11. SpartacusHUN

    this video is great idea!

  12. jelee01

    Great tip! Thanks!

  13. mrlove2701

    Wow, I consider myself a pretty good player, but I never thought of a crosshair in that manner. Unicums actually do know more than me, mind blown xP

  14. Brotherhood

    I use Aslains remade crosshair with 2 circles where the inner circle should show 68% of hits and the outer the rest 32% which helps a lot when you dont have time to fully aim. But to be honest I didnt really have a way of verifying it.

  15. Grant Bishop

    Tanks in 2017 lul

  16. Superfailftw

    I turned off that reticle as I always thought it cluttered up my ui. I'll give it a try.

  17. Patrick Drury

    Thanks. Switched crosshair type.

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