The Best Damn Burn It Down Tank World of Tanks Blitz

This is the obj263. It’s my favourite yolowagon. The name however implies I just drive forward and win…it’s never that simple.

For those of you who are wondering how this happens I made a video…gg because I can’t help myself making a video.

Hope you enjoy I!

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  1. Bobby Charlton

    It only works with a solid partner in platoon game, that is fish can, for us normal players with no solid platoon partner, that tank is the piece of junk…

  2. Andrew Vu

    How are you suppose to hide your Lower glacier if your gun depression sucks for this tank? I feel like if you want to get shots in this tank, you have to expose so much

  3. Dick Stead

    Loved the game play

  4. Peyton Stallings

    wow that's an amazing tank when properly played

  5. _WILLUS_007 World of Tanks Blitz Gaming Channel

    5:40 That snapshot tho…

  6. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    The best tank in the game ^_^

  7. Bob Dickens

    Yolo wagon FTW… any thoughts on the "neigh-bor update"?… something new?…

  8. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I think this is the very best! So much fun and so good

  9. Taufik Nugroho

    I always adore you, about how you play with that 200 ping… xD

  10. wallerdog

    Nice work!

  11. ArceusDoesBlitz

    17 prammo for a tank with 290mm std pen? Ha! classic

  12. NoHomeLike

    The Obj 263 lines are stock full of destroyers that can burn even the most formidable medium tanks down, but they are let down by their poor gun depression and gun arc. In addition, starting at tier 7, you have a rear gun placement, which means you are forced to expose your hull before the gun coming over a hill crest.

  13. EconomicsMate on Blitz

    Haha how did I know that u were going to do another video about the object 263, lol im telepathic. As usual an amazing video and great insight. Thoroughly enjoyed it

  14. Luke Rosner

    can you showcase the pz. s35. it's a brilliant t3

  15. The Rockphonian

    Hey, Bushka! Love your videos! Do you recommend buying the Panther 8,8 bundle that's in the premium shop right now? I need a moneymaking medium badly!


    I love that is7 in the game on lost temple lol calls all ya noobs

  17. WotBlitzWorld

    The vinegar stroke lmao…

  18. Aidan Cler

    what tanks are in his intro that are super fast

  19. George Stiakakis

    How the hell fo u have allmost 1m gold!!?? XD so much giftss

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