The Best Scout in World of Tanks

World of Tanks – T-100 LT. Today I’m playing what is in my opinion the best scout in World of Tanks the T-100 LT!

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  1. Peter Boyland

    The point QB makes about the pen drop-off over range explains why so many are frustrated with its performance. This graph – – compares T100Lt and Sheridan to similar tanks in the high tiers. You can clearly see that something is very wrong

  2. spiclov83

    paid MM 😉

  3. bikebudha01

    wot smart to nerf damage of light tanks, otherwise it would be 'world of invisible snipers'…  looking at you e-25….

  4. Levio McLaren

    Hello Quickybaby, I've loved your channel that it had improved my aiming, timing and positioning, I've started playing WOT when I was just thirteen, frankly I am just a noob trying to improve, but having seen this video, you've been featuring light tanks, but it's always on high tier, and some of my friends and I are having a lot a problems trying to cope up with each situations we face in all types all battles in all maps in light tanks especially , I was wondering if you could do a series about positioning on maps based on all tank types…..                                                                                                                                                                         Luv your videos                                                                                                                                                                    Reverb144 on WOT

  5. Clemens Horsman

    Not the best power per weight tho. There is a tier 3/4 germans light tank wich has like 56

  6. sladan milosevic

    Hi Question Whot ist whit new maps . Are Wot will make somethin new or not . I think that we all know all the spots in all maps and that we need soomethin new . I don think for tir 10 than for normal tiers . I hope You will answer this for me . Thank YOu

  7. Nico MHachiRoku

    does exp and credits reward change depending in which server are you on? in SEAsia it feels like the rewards are so low. even when I ace sometimes the reward does not compare to what you get in your replays. or am i just not doing good enough?

  8. Ouwak Eros

    Check out my funny rare world of tanks video

  9. youyoutobio

    nice tenk

  10. Demon Girl 5

    Viper_db 🙂

  11. Demon Girl 5

    I love the T100 LT its the best scout for sure! Learnt a lot from your game replays Thanks 🙂

  12. Roby Miller

    This tank and the Sheridan are my favorite lights in the game…

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