The BEST Tank Tier for Tier in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks – T67. Today Reisen_Udongein is going to show why some think the T5 American turreted tank destroyer is the best tank Tier for Tier in the game!

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  1. TucsokProductions

    I think the M7 (with the small gun) was the best tank before it was nerfed…

  2. Tim B

    Ok QB, t3 Pnz III, t4 Luch, t5 Ill agree T-67, T6 Cromwell, T7 T-29, T8 IS-3, T9 hard to say, AMXT30, T10 Bat Chat, my choices.

  3. thekiller 490

    This tank is stupid. F wg for ruining my AMX ELC and still having this around.

  4. Quibelez de Saporan

    Earlier in the early eight versions, almost everything was done in wot!
    So, the level of playability in wot has fallen far in recent years. Thanks to wg's immense greed!

  5. Glenn

    that Sherman sureeeee loves shooting derp guns on the move! XD

  6. Ante Raić

    Plz play Plat. with Mighty. Plz m8

  7. Hoàng Khang

    When the Lunatic eyes "Reisen Udongein" play WoT…

  8. lellefot

    I would say the leFH18B2 in Tier V at least.

  9. E Lewis

    T67 is definitely insanely good

  10. Anthony Taylor


  11. Justin Pepe

    In recent patches, I fell most of the tanks are pretty balanced. However, for me personally, I find the IS-3 to be one of the best tanks tier for tier due to its armor (when used properly), well rounded gun, and mobility relative to other heavies at it's tier. Additionally for tier 9 the German jagdtiger is exceptional in the right position due to it's high caliber gun. I fell it is different from other TDs, because it balances alpha damage well with dpm and it is very accurate, especially for its caliber. It also, in most circumstances, has more than enough penetration to get the job done.

  12. Keith Kisby

    Tier for tier T67 is the best. I know over half my games are in that tank


    I can oneshot that thing with my kv1s

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