The Biggest Tip Ever | World of Tanks WoT Newbie Guide 1080p HD

The Biggest Tip Ever is a World of Tanks WoT gameplay video in 1080p HD. In this video, I give my biggest, best, and most important tip and trick and hint to helping you become the best player in WoT that you can be. Best of all, it applies to all games.

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World of Tanks (WoT for short) is a free online multiplayer game made by You can play for free or buy different tanks, upgrades, etc. if you choose to. The game is a ton of fun and I highly recommend playing it. At least give it a try – it is free after all. Go to for the American website to download and play today.

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  1. Sailing Pro

    Also when you try reverse out of danger and someone is in the way and won't get out, then you die

  2. Sailing Pro

    I took 23 fully aimed artillery shots at mostly still targets and every single one missed. All in The same game

  3. Rosendo Zuniga

    don't get mad huh?.. best advice I ever had smfh.

  4. Ronny Zincke

    "Panther II – one of the best tier 8 medium tanks". Ähm, nope. Maybe in 1943, but at no time in this game. The only advantages of the Panther are his accuracy, which even fails often enough, and the relatively high penetration. This think is too slow to chase, engage directly or run away, too weakly armored to be effective when it comes to a brawl, the reload time is, in my opinion, even at the P 8,8 too long, or the alpha damage too low. Surely it can provide great vision, but the camo rating at this thing isnt really useful – and that in an supportive long range sniper, which you often get detected in from more than 400m, even with concealment. This tank and its premium version are, at least for me, the biggest disappointment ever in the entire game. Even before the new czech meds and things like the CDC showed up.

  5. Ted Miller

    So True, I fcked up playing World of WAR SHIPS then switched to WOT in a bad mood, lost every match, had a beer and sulked in the corner….Cross out is really tiring( constantly rebuilding for hours at a time )…get irritated, stay away for a few days then go back a day or 2…totally agree

  6. TIGER101

    99th comment!

  7. mtx303

    clutch braking skill

  8. Telpher Games


  9. Alan Maj

    I just start playin this game lol I should knew this game couple years ago,now I'm looking for tips cuz its pretty hard to play as a noob your videos you give good information and helped me out a little bit thankkss

  10. Pirabee

    What ticks me right off is the infernal RNG. It's sickening and I wouldn't be surprised to hear it has a mind of its own especially when your most needed killer shots are the ones that miss, bounce or result in zero damage. I also hate the invisi-tank thing which I understand is the best the game-makers can go owing to the map size and all. Well, in a real war you don't commit a main battle tank into an unscouted zone or flank. Lights would've scoured the area and reported TDs and stuff. But in WoT we are required to do so with almost 100% chance of running into an ambush, and in all probability egged on by impatient and angry teammates. Aaarghhh!!!

  11. Garrett McGhee Films

    Yeah when I first started playing I would get pretty mad because I would five minutes to get put in a match and once I did I would die in the first 30 seconds. I began fixing this by forcing my self to wait after the game had already started and say jokes into the chat. This helped me take the game less seriously and have more fun while playing it and eventually I got really good and I wasn't even trying it was just my positive attitude was effecting how I was playing the game.

  12. Gary Stringer

    Playing calm is great advice, but it would have been better if you showed how to defeat that T 25 with proper maneuvering!
    Sorry I am a tech into resolution…

  13. Kioth R

    pls do a crusader guild

  14. ACSR Gaming

    Its not my tank, its not my team, its the sole fact that 10 seconds after I leave my spawn I'm getting bombarded with artillery and the enemy team is already detected me and I die within 30 seconds of the match…So I either go in a rush with the team I DIE! Or I stay back and try to snipe in my TD and they rush spawn and I still DIE! So what do I do?

  15. Chris Brewer

    germans tanks are more shit since they killed the top engines

  16. Harold B

    Excellent advice!

  17. Phalanx is Stronk

    Thats damn right…

  18. Yung B

    Yeah man I've been playing Xbox for quite a long time and when I was younger I used to get mad. Now I hardly (ever) get frustrated or mad and if I do it fades rather quick because I've trained myself to realize that it's just a game and there's no reason to be angry because you have to have a clear stable mind to make critical decisions. Take 10 deep breathes, get off for a while or go to a different game. They're many ways to "cool" down

  19. Joshua Gray

    I'm 13 and I get ticks me of wold of tanks blitz a tier 7 tiger vs tier 4 hetzer kill me in front of the tank and penetrates 🙁 but I don't know if he a hacker or not ?

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