1. pArAgone

    47:20 1st game

  2. TheRapie

    1st Match: 47:20
    2nd: 55:53
    3rd: 1:05:40
    4th: 1:16:32
    5th: 1:26:48
    6th 1:31:45

  3. Jezal dan Luthar

    gold spam & maus spam, such skill wow

  4. katelyn ast

    retarded commentators

  5. TBF_14 LGN

    00:16 song's name ?

  6. Derek Auret

    Get the american accent off the calling. He has to try too hard to catch up in the excitement stakes, and it detracts from our watching on occassion. Sorry but that,s how it is.

  7. 4frodo

    Love the dude picking his nose and about to eat it at 4:10:18

  8. metalcore357

    Time to get watched

  9. pawuc

    applewow great revenge for 2016

  10. kuci23

    Weird acording to EULA u r not allowed to have an account on NA server if u dont live in this region but i see some for example DING players who have account on different servers and on every single one they arek Playing esport

  11. Mobilized Panda

    This coverage was God awful. Skip 40 min intermission only for 20 mins of talking with 10 minute breaks in between. Not to mention they spoil the outcome on the buffering screen. There's only like 3-4 hours of game play in this 8 hours of coverage. No other game is this disorganized. Especially in a lan event. Castors don't know what theyre talking about. They definitely need to cap vehicles to 2 max. And should probably change the tier spread to something other than 6 tens and an eight or 5 tens and 2 nines. Gold is fine though, makes more vehicles playable and of course they spam it. It's the grand final. I load all gold for tourneys and clan battles and you lot complain they spend 4k fake silver money per shell to try and win thousands of dollars?

  12. The Alternative Hypothesis

    They should just do the interview in Russian and have a translator.

  13. enes gündüz

    ı still cant understand how a game based on rng can make a tournament.

  14. Taylor Kloehn

    if only random battles were this good

  15. Brian Payne

    I vote tornado team

  16. relx4
  17. Ocelote

    Россия – лучшая

  18. Marco Stichnoth

    i hate russian speak english