^^| The hardest class to play in World of Tanks…

Dinner was nice.
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  1. Circonflexes

    Dont try this at home, this is the most difficult class to play. Dinner was nice btw. 🙂

  2. -

    Damnit circon, stop being so entertaining!! I keep getting pulled away from my work to watch your vids! LOL Keep doing what you're doing, I really enjoy your content

  3. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    artillery just needs to be removed from the game. i has literally no place in this game. it prevents camping tho absolute bull shit. if they want to stop camping. maybe add in a feature from warthunder that gives every player the ability to call in artillery support. it doesn't do much damage but can stun them. and they are warned artillery support is inbound so either they move or suffer the consequences. but maybe make it so you can only use arty if you have a certain amount of damage done. so we dont see constant arty spam all over the the players actually doing work can make use of it if they need it. because how fun is it. to be doing everything right. side scraping. aiming. kicking ass. and then a big steaming pile of shit 900 damage hit lands next to you. taking 13rd of your health. killing your loader and driver. and damaging your ammo rack. all because you wanted to play the fucking game. even after the arty nerf. the stun mechanic is SO CANCER. for fucks sake. being stunned by a 3 man batchat arty platoon focusing you. is SO CANCER. i was stunned for 25 seconds. it just ruins the god damn experience for me..plain and simple. just refund all the exp people spent on arty. and return it to thier free exp pool. and refund everyones money back. as far as premium tanks. refund people the gold. and everyone wins.

  4. Bob Nohart

    eating with arty is the only way to play

  5. Lukas Birke

    It is the easyst because you don't need to move but you should move when enemy is in front of you

  6. Tay Tay
  7. Cixix678

    this is why you are awesome

  8. tallon

    arty makes this game suck

  9. The great dictator

    that looks hard to copy, i might need to train more.

  10. Johny Etwer

    Is it just me or have people stopped counter artying?

  11. drosselschnaps

    CLICK..See you later I guess… BOOM 😀

  12. hibakusha0

    Not moving between shots so can gobble on food. Thankfully no counter battery on this match. 🙂

  13. Don Won

    sit click, don't move

    sit click don't move


    oh whats that? 3k damage and never spotted? BALANCED

  14. Tim Riley

    So much salt – Jesus the SALT