The HAVOK Crew – 1 Platoon, 15 Kills, Epic Teamwork! – World of Tanks

Check out BigJuicyBear98 in the T-44-100 as he and the HAVOK crew kill the entire enemy team in this epic WoT game!

T-44-100 Review
Skorpion G Review


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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. clark748

    I don't know that he wasn't murdered poking over the top of the hill. That tank has 5 degrees of gun depression. His whole tank would have to be exposed to shoot down on the Lorre!

  2. Lok

    Top tier platoon camping & beating up lower tiers. Much wow

  3. Dylan Coupe

    Holy fuck that's my friend and old clan! Lol, juicy is awesome. Glad I ran across this video!

  4. Asteris Dazelidis


  5. BlueAppel

    You sound like thoughty2

  6. e115x525

    I take 2 APCR rounds in my Skorpion, for superheavies in full uptiers. I actually dont think Ive ever used them either lmao, and Ive killed a few Maus' and E100s.

  7. Alan Anderson

    lols more aimbotters at work

  8. Slender Men

    Cant beleive i missed this

  9. Vampire Count

    those havok dudes are from NA server i think 🙂 love to see replays from my server, nice to see familiar faces around 😀

  10. CC88

    I feel that low rolling happens more often with kill-shots. Today i needed 280 to kill is3 in a 140…rolled 260. Happened so many times when I need about average and rolled low. Ofc, I may be bitching for nothing as I do not pay that much attention for other shots.

  11. Rob Bleeker

    I think that the 10 dislikes on this replay were the ones in the opposite team :-)… Can't think of any other reason, NOT to like such a masterpiece. This was epic

  12. Howe Huang

    epic team

  13. Ronnie R.

    I hope I wasn't on that team! lol

  14. wood1155

    Yes ! That's exactly when I use auto aim too. That poke over a ridge can be tricky but with a little help it can be very satisfying

  15. Krugg Kruscherp

    HAVOK is still as trash as when VILIN was HAV0K xd