The IS 8 is IS GR8 World of Tanks Blitz

I get asked about the IS-8 more than nearly any other vehicle. People struggle to take advantage of the bug time positives this thing brings to the table.

The stunning speed and top notch heavyium mobility set the table for anyone willing to belt out on the flanks with the meds or race to a strong point and choke hold it with a hell of a sweet gun.

It’s not to be confused with a front line heavy but it’s low stealth silhouette super pace and oft times trollish spaced side armour make this thing a powerhouse platoon partner for anything fast and furious.

I love me some is8, it’s a tank I did well in even as a complete novice and it rewards good aggressive play while absolutely punishing bad aggressive play. Once you learn the difference between the two you’ll be rolling in wins.

So stay safe humans and look forward to seeing you real Soon on the battlefield.

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  1. nOlan1001000

    I need tips on e75

  2. Calvin Morrison

    Me and my dad play wot blitz together too

  3. Drifter X

    I hate this tank. No armor or mobility. I have no idea how you are moving so fast: mine is upgraded with 90% crew with small fuel and rations.

  4. Der Panzerschlumpf

    Love this tank

  5. Samy Dragon

    papear tank with good gun

  6. Bob Dickens

    The IS-8 isn't really even a heavy at all… seriously… no armor, just speed and a gun

  7. Tyler Tyszka

    Well. You gotta train em early.

  8. Edward Cardona

    So it’s been over a year now since you’ve reviewed this tank, could you do it again sometime soon? I’m about to get the IS-8 and I don’t really know much about it in the current meta

  9. Guy Friedman

    did all of the maps get a change from this video to now?

  10. Guy Friedman

    IS8 is the only non OP russian

  11. marsel dagistani

    Bushka to be honest i love the IS 7 tank line

  12. GeoLeoSeoMeoDabEo GLSMDE

    ST-1 better!