The Little Leopard World of Tanks Blitz

The Leopard 1 and the Leopard PTA may be more famous than the little Leopard of Tier V but there is no denying that pound for pound it is probably every bit as dangerous if not more so than its heavier siblings.

This little number is a viper. With massive front loaded burst damage and insane mobility its the only show in town for those who like to go round at speeds not safe for children.

I hope you like watching it as much as I enjoyed making this video about „The Little Leopard“.

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  1. Nine Tailed Fox

    light tanks are light

  2. Bob ino

    Used no apcr and he on the leopard! oO

  3. Nasserudeen the kitty

    this is my fav tier 5 tank

  4. XLMsilentgrim

    amazing i love the leopard i always put in massive damage and win luv it so much

  5. b mY fuiend please

    he calls it the little leopard because people might mistake leopard for the higher tier leopard PTA or leopard1

  6. Bryan Li

    I got a question for the map designers.

    What the FUCK are you doing?

  7. WotBlitzWorld

    You forgot about the M7, in my opinion, that is the best tier 5 tank now, it has decent armour, it's mobile and has a pretty good gun. But the Leo is a great little jigger.

  8. thijmnesoy

    I hate to play against the Luchs or Leopard.

  9. Marlo Mamocod

    actually the crusader is a medium tank not a light.

  10. Liam Anderson

    I love this tank, but I love the MT-25 more. 400 damage if you get all your shots in, love it. If you want to, review it!

  11. Chua Liwu

    On the phone

  12. Chua Liwu

    What app do you use for recording

  13. Rich W

    Recently rebought after rage selling it, and am trying to give another go. Probably won't go past the VK28 after the recent nerf on the SP in Tier 7. Thanks for the helpful video!

  14. Romeo Victor

    Remember when the Luchs had that gun with the same amount of shells? That was hilariously OP. Glad I got to drive it before they needed it.

  15. counterfit5

    You didn't mention my favorite bit about that gun: it sets fires better than teens smoking weed in the California brush.

  16. BlanchOnBlitz

    I have 2 question WHY THE F*CK did they change dead rail it was good before the change and why haven't they made a Aussie map like have a mini Uluru In the map that separates the 2 bases and make that you can to climb it

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