The Most Overpowered, Pay-To-Win Premium Tank? – World of Tanks

The Most Overpowered, Pay-To-Win Premium Tank? - World of Tanks

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Panzer II J, possibly the most overpowered example of a pay-to-win premium tank you’ll find in World of Tanks. Yes, I own one, and yes, its fun! But only on special occasions because its costly to play 😉

Pz. II J review

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  1. AgingJedi

    Remember folks I make these videos to entertain and create a bit of discussion – I'm not on some sort of crusade or have any agenda. Either of those sound like too much work 😉

  2. Rui Preto

    I'd like WG to create a low tier championship were ALL players would have a chance to win some hundreds of these so that anyone could have a chance of try it 😀
    This is an interesting tank, it's not an OP troll tank because of its stupid gun. Also, it's not as WN8 booster as people might point out just because you'll eventually start to be a bit frustrated with it's limitations, I think this video did pointed it quite clearly. You'll end up leaving at the garage to gain some patina… It's price prevents it from being purchased as Skorpion Gs are for example, just because it's not profitable. The Skorpion G is a tax inspector!
    All in all, I think it's more of a clown tank. It's simple existence on the battlefield makes for some funny and hillarious situations. "Gang bang style" encounters at some Ruinebrg dead alley (forgive my metaphors) are quite common, if you let it go and act as as lavish mistress with dubious desires 😀

    I confess. I have one. Bought it for the gold, obviouslly. But I found another use for it… When I get really pissed off with high tier noobs,, I just ride it and go out and behave as a clown :D:D:D

  3. mazz789000

    You lot most be the most forgiven people on the planet. Just reinstalled this game and with in 5 games (Disabled chat) I get private msg from retards. Its shocking but not unexpected. Did find the settings where the ppl not on my friends list cant send me msgs. But damn what the hell is wrong with ppl.

  4. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    I'm one of the idiots who bought it ( i needed the gold )
    If there are no TD's and you use gold, nothing can kill you at T3. But most TD's do penn you. And most worst thing, every battle you lose 60/80k on gold ammo, normal ammo can't penn shit.

  5. pickpocket293

    Hey AJ, thanks for all the work you do. I find your content very entertaining, especially the recent tongue-in-cheek style vids that include a bit of sarcasm.

    I wonder if you would next highlight the T67? In my opinion the T67 is the single most broken tank in the game, tier for tier. Shining a light on that sore spot might not be a bad thing to encourage WG to fix it!

  6. TheBooshDog

    I remember how you made a video about this, one of the first games you played, and you thanked Mother Goose

  7. Dan Brown

    You have NO idea how much I was hoping the artillery had one shell left!

  8. MrSwiftblade

    As you say, 9/10 times you end up v tier 4 and die. Its an ok tank, the gun really does offset the armour as even with premium its garbage.

    I got mine free, I wanted to renew my year's premium, so why not buy the gold and do it that way? meant I had gold left over for other stuff (permanent camo) and a free Pz2J. I don;t play it often, results like this are rare, I tend to get better results in my Matilda when I get good MM to be fair.

  9. Albert Zakarian

    So I have one of these. On NA. played over 300 games. Can you get a great game. Yes. BUT. this tank has several problems. Arty pwns this. T IV pens this tank. You have to shoot gold. The normal rounds can't pen paper. It's slow as hell

  10. Beroun

    He certainly is NOT a good player, and that was a little painful to watch… other than that, funny game

  11. jesse wenger

    I believe this tank is one of the possible rewards from tank rewards, 3 chances to get it, seems so toxic to play though. For a free to play player i cant afford to play it! NA server, October .

  12. Belnick6666

    it is a tier 3, worst tier there is, all T4 will rip this apart, T5 will fart on it and tier 3 TD will derp it easy

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