THE TANK HOLE | World Of Tanks Tournament – Round 3

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  1. Spirited Siren

    why have you not been posting that much? i have not seen a ton of videos from you recently so i was just wondering.

  2. skeXis

    "hes very big though ;)" no? just me thats immature? fine geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. lewlew

    where the vids kim I know you've taken a break but bean 1 month!

  4. James Landholm

    Max cringe… continue moving, dont move out while capping they couldnt see you, dont aim at spaced armour with HEAT… so much cringe

  5. Toaster Blues

    Friendly advice, for the future, it's actually an o and an i XD

  6. Toaster Blues

    "o-1"… wow

  7. Kim Aqqa Poulsen

    Use HE when using O-I durp gun

  8. FlintTD

    Duncan knife-fights with bug fat heavy tanks like a champion!

  9. jacke fury

    you can get closer to oi because she to big to look down

  10. jacke fury

    Kim is 0 1 it's O I am

  11. Comrade Kirov

    It's pronounced O-I,as in an O and an i

  12. morre666

    I think Rythian has problems seeing where is crosshair is. The upside down V. Think it was possible to change how it looks or even make it bigger

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