The Unicum guide to the BT7 Artillery (World of Tanks Blitz)

This is my first try in making a unicum guide about the BT7 artillery! It was hard editing but it was very fun and exciting to do so! So what do you guys think? Sliphantom is the OG in making this kind of guides so check his channel out! So sit back, relax and enjoy this dank guide and review of the BT7 artillery! God bless! 🙂

Special thanks to SweetlittleAki for the guides and tips! Check her channel out too!

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Music used:
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)


  1. SweetLittleAki

    Senpai is pleased. ^-^

  2. SwellMonster354 Original

    BT means Butt Tank and 7 means 7/11

  3. SwellMonster354 Original

    Unicum guide to Dicker Max

  4. Peni Mochtar


  5. [WoT and Blitz HUN] BöllérJózsi

    music at 1:29 ???? answer pls

  6. Noob From Wonderland

    BT-7 Art = Tier 3 USSR T49

  7. Đức Duy Nguyễn

    Senpai help me plz. I'm playing on Asian server and I cant find this tank anywhere to buy.

  8. TheRants2016

    My brother actually sold my bt7 art. I want WG to give it out again

  9. wallerdog

    Thankfully, I already have hearing loss so the blast in the headphones didn't affect me…much!

  10. Player_7362923157 On Blitz

    put a kv2 gun on a bugatti instead of Ferrari

  11. Dasun Baduge

    i actually died at 1:35

  12. Charles Erron Cagimbaga

    cant you do vids in wot pc???

  13. Iluminati67 Cagimbaga67

    pls add more guides

  14. Pineapple Plant

    the bt-7 art sucks in blitz.

  15. FoxFire McLaggy


  16. Ladru Go

    oi!!!! kapwa pinoy!!!!!!!

  17. Drexter Charles

    upload more vids

  18. JustDoIt

    I just got ear raped.. good vid do <3

  19. CakeGirl Gamer

    wow 1.5 k views! Congratulations thor in a box.

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