The Wannabe Unicum Guide to the Jagdtiger

The Jagdtiger is the next member of the super snipers. Let’s review the Jaaaaaag.


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  1. Boobs OrGTFO

    M4A3E8 unicum guide please.

  2. Martin Gabriel

    "Soviet Bias bullshit tanks"

  3. BlackGost SchwarzGeister

    JG.PZ E100

  4. TheDiamondBladeHD 2.0

    That replay on the polar map is a perfect example on how bad the mm is. Recently i had many 3:15 (or 15:3) battles with me having most of the Exp. Wg should make a mm that is based on the players wn8.

  5. Ethan Bradberry SLAMMIN

    It's pronounced yagd

  6. sam animates

    Frick you it's yagtiger

  7. 00bean00

    It's a casemate TD with a limited arc and 390 m base view range. What are you talking about, binoculars?–optics! Beside vents (which give a very small amount), you may find it convenient to run with a toolbox (+25% repair speed) and a large kit (+10%), or even double kits if you will.

  8. Life Of Ivan

    Hey man!
    What have you bought today?
    A Jag 😀
    A jaguar?
    A jagdtiger!

  9. Iulian Cristian Ilinca

    I dont understand those players that just play the jagdtiger with top gun. The stock gun looks better on it,has better penetration with stock shell in real life and in war thunder

  10. Martin Jones

    you called me sweetheart ( and a shed load of profanities liberally mixed in!) that so sweet,,,,,,,,,,,,,now wheres my baby seal bat????

  11. Ian Ixner IB

    do A20 next pls people dont know how to play it

  12. Chosen Shark

    Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May

  13. Stewart Maclean

    Casual citadel thrown at jingles xD

  14. Marko Burić

    hello 🙂 what softwer/program are you using for the voice? ty and keep up the good work 🙂

  15. azbunker

    But do you wanna know what type of glory you can't absorb with that superstructure? THE GLORY OF THE BL-10 OF COURSE!

  16. Edward Cardona

    One thing: You pronounced it wrong the entire time. It's not pronounced JAGdtiger, but more YAGdtiger

  17. Pablo Menezes

    Thank you so much!

  18. Benjamin Cravey

    wish you showed the damage the rest of the team did

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