Tiger – Reputation Slayer – World of Tanks

Tigeraptor5 from the SEA server plays a great game in their namesake tank – the mighty German Tiger from WoT!

German Tanks:


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  1. Zach Burton

    hey i felt that arty shell wiz by too

  2. Freddie Clark

    I am on the SEA Server and have not really seen much bad behaviour.

  3. ankit tiwari

    I am from Asian server and I have never witnessed any hacker or intentionally team killing

  4. Pc ColdWar

    since the new mach making i'm doing amazing game in it at the moment

  5. un13

    I'm still unsure why it's supposed to be admirable for someone to carry less premium in a tank that can bottom out in tiers on matchmaking. Fine with AP? Kudos, I guess. AP Would go through any of the soft targets in this replay without trying for weak spots though, so …

  6. Ray Ray

    Good example of how good the Tiger can be. I really like mine, and have done a lot of @ss-whoopin with it.

  7. Ray Ray

    Aging Jedi's casual laugh cracks me up.

  8. De Mafketels

    That fight with the T25/2 was really nicely done!

  9. IS-2

    Well,after mid of '44,Tiger I lost it's power.IS-2,Firefly…

  10. Ryan Wu

    am i the only one who likes playing the tiger?

  11. dorijan5ir

    its a good tank

  12. ståle starheim

    should have called the replay white tiger xD

  13. Jim Mc

    Haven't played that server but I've played the EU, no problems there and home base is the NA server, hmmm, could be better. But the most toxic I've ever played was the RU server. I can't tell you how many times at the start of the game, before I could even move my tank I've been TK'd with something along the lines of "Go home Yankee".

  14. Dirk Van de poel

    you want a nice tiger gameplay?

  15. Joseph Stalin

    hey i have 2 marked the tiger and i think it's still very effective in tier 8 and 9 games.
    or at least that's my experience.

  16. Kameraden

    Irony being, this is how i've always used my Tiger. Even before it had the DPM buff, that 8.8cm L/71 at tier 7 is a beast, back when RNG accuracy had no mercy, having that accuracy really made the Tiger I able to crack any tank it faced, even things like the E-75, M103 etc etc. I call the Tiger I a great brawlers. Definitely in street battles. If you know what you're doing you can kill a T29 without the T29 ever getting to return fire. =D

  17. Clorox Bleach

    this tiger wrecked face

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