Tiger Review & Guide + 3 Ace Tanker replays – World of Tanks

Tiger Review & Guide + 3 Ace Tanker replays - World of Tanks

My review of the Tiger (H) (or Tiger I, or even Tiger 1) from World of Tanks, one of the German tier 7 heavy tanks. I take a look at gun selection, which is best and then we get into some ace tanker replays where I show you how I like to use this tank best on the battlefield.

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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Cosmin Danciu

    Hi Jedi
    The st.emil stupid just stupid reacing this tier and shooting team mates.
    Do you share the Ace Badges because I dont have yet on my Tiger 1.
    Just Joke
    Nice done
    Good Luck

  2. McGhostly

    I am extremely glad team kill isn't possible on the PS4 version. That blows. I have had plenty of people pass in front of me right when I go to shoot. I have done it too, and it makes it so much easier. Team killing is why I stopped playing Planetside 2. It was ridiculous how much it happened in that game. But that was definitely intentional and unnecessary.

  3. TheDiamondBladeHD

    So, by now I recommend The 'bad' 8,8 over the 7,5. It was buffed and roughly has the same penetration (7,5 = 150 / 8,8 = 145).

  4. Sylvan P

    The Tiger is a favorite despite its major weakness in WoT: Ammo racking damage. It won't happen too often but after awhile you'll lose count how many times a killing hit will blow your turret off. All Tigers in the game are excessively vulnerable. The Tiger I I believe is the worst. If you look at the see-thru stats for ammo racks, it's staggering. I think the Tigers are among the worst for ammo rack exposure. For the sake of keeping the game harmoniously balanced to make things fair, the Tiger had to be made easier to bust up.

  5. Nick250ification

    The emil is a asshole , People like him Ruin World of Tanks

  6. Joseph Stalin

    in the right situations this tank is, in my opinion the best tier 7 heavy.

  7. VorTex gAmEr

    In the description you said "tiger (h) (or tiger 1, or tiger 1". You said tiger 1 twice. Don't you mean. Tiger and Tiger 1?

  8. Plank

    if someone steals a kill from me im just like "well shit" and move on. the only time it makes me annoyed is if they wait until teammates damage the enemy till its almost dead then shoot and do nothing to help during, or if I was grinding down a tanks hp and took quite a bit of dmg from that tank myself then someone takes the kill.

  9. Miki Constantin

    i've Just buyed its full gun and its fantastic

  10. milos cvetkovic

    Tiger was one of the most powerfull tank in WW2. I think they had to do something, because with KwK 43 L71 it would bee to powerfull, then they maked bad armour.

  11. Fart Raptor

    I have to say WoT must have had a hard time trying to decide what to do with the Tiger. A tank that's too old to really compete 1v1 with another tier 7 heavy but far too good to be put into tier 6. It doesn't make a good tank for games. It was too good for its time. Inevitably I think they did the right thing putting it in tier 7 so it could behave like a medium with that monstrous 88 but it is a little disappointing and frustrating taking a tank that's as fantastic as the Tiger up against tanks that are a decade newer and were made specifically to destroy tanks like the Tiger. I wish they would've put it in tier 6 because it's way too outclassed in tier 7.

  12. Tammas Dexter

    Jedi, you got it all wrong. That short 88 is OP. Check the dpm. Its nutz, if you are top tier with that gun just fire gold ammo, it's so unfair. you can push it to have ~3000 dpm at tier 7.

  13. The_ Mysterious_Gamer

    Jedi didn't they change the way the turret looks

  14. ChronicleGaming

    Dude tiger armour is bad because double tap 2 key to load skill rounds

  15. peanut0140

    Yes I too raced to get a tiger and yes I was disappointed. I have since got better results init but It is still hard work great vid keep up the hard work.

  16. Adriana Kibareva

    i love the tiger 1 as a machine it was the greatest tank ever on the battlefield
    by the time ww2 this tank was invicible against anything … but this is a game and the Mighty Tiger we all know is ballanced compared with the other tanks it is not the brutall killing machine like in the real world
    ps- i love your video keep up the good work …. cheers from Bulgaria and sorry for my English 😀

  17. Federico Di Liberto

    I love my Tortoise because i can meet this boxy tank and shoot 400dmg every 6 sec to it 😀