1. Aniket Pandey

    A challenge – try any of these in INDIA's tough terrain, and after they all get bogged down in Rajasthan , Ull need an Arjun Mark 2 , to pull them out.

  2. Beso Nakopia

    how the hell t90ms is n.9? it is on 3

  3. Asura

    When Abrams and Challenger burn like fireworks in Iraq and Afghanistan from soviet RPG-7, T-90 and T-72 in Syria can save lives soldiers from american BGM-71 TOW. And I see here that people want new world war again. Ok good luck mad guys…

  4. Ace Games

    Challenger 2 ftw

  5. КИРИЛЛ Четвергов

    Т-90 плохой танк в плане электроники , но при этом т72 и т80 с дз выерживали до 16 попаданий рпг-7 ,а абрамс после двух выводился из строя. Но все меняется когда на смену приходит т90а и ам ))

  6. Gweilo Xiu

    The specs pop up on the screen and are gone again in literally one second. Pause. play. pause. play. pause. play. NOT an enjoyable viewing experience. Moving on.

  7. Ülkücü Genc

    Leopard is shit. Look Afghanistan…..

  8. Eli Malinsky

    There's a mistake, the Merkava Mk.IV weighs 75 tonnes and has a 1500HP engine.

  9. yank1776

    No way the T-14 has not been proven in combat as effective. German,French, British and American tanks have.

  10. D Frs

    Wait, isn't horsepower a measure of speed on the straightaway? Tanks are not that fast, so what would the 1200 plus horsepower do for them? don't they run on diesel fuel?

  11. Woolly

    408 butthurt Americans sad their tank wasn't number 1.

  12. StarWarsBugraPvP

    Where is Altay tank his a best !!!

  13. No Kremlin Trolls

    Russian junk c'mon ahahahah)))))))))))))))

  14. ns sc

    I'm curious, what was the criteria for the tanks ranks? they all seem to have the same weapons, and generally the same speed and travel distance.

  15. Mustafa AYGÜN

    where is the best of the best of Tanks ALTAY????

  16. Uğur Arslan

    Where is the Altay?

    Modern tanks:
    T90: 1993
    😀 😀 oww they are really very modern tanks 😀

  17. freedomfyter

    Russian junk no way in hell!!

  18. Hagan Shows

    Where is the british MKV?

  19. Ondřej Lacina

    I agree with the list with tanks in numbers from 10 to 2, but I don't agree with the first place.
    The T-14 is still prototype and it is not and will never be the main battle tank of Russian army. In present (and I think it always will be) it's not MBT, but MPT (main propaganda tank).