Tortoise: Who is the Bit** now?

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  1. Gohibniu Goh

    Horrible tank, gets penned by everything, no need to protect pizza boxes.

  2. Doogle Ticker

    Jingles is acting creepy! Yaaaaaay!!

  3. Gavin Cook

    Jingles stinks

  4. Derro Farm


  5. ziggy bass

    Very nice of you to have your grand dad with you. But try to encourage him to cut his hair. He looks very un cared for. My daughter likes your lip stick. Thanks for a good video your entertaining! Say hi to the old gentleman (whats his name?).

  6. ziggybass ziggybass

    Got 1st ring of excellence on my Tortoise recently. I just love this tank. Now its 37c here im just worried my system will overheat. Trying to get my daughter to play wot but even showing you in game she refused!

  7. kebab removal unit

    when she focuses she is the best power pushing force i've ever seen.

  8. Xidon Rayn


  9. Vladislav Shopov

    Wow, last time I played WoT there was no Tohrtwaz in the game. Must have been added recently.

  10. David Chen

    Congrats on the engagement RITA!

  11. Evan Turgeon

    I feel like Rita is the kinda girl that wouldn't let jingles smash

  12. Benny Yang

    LoL, you only see these crap in World of Paper Tanks, A tortoise with a bore evacuator probably a 105 L7 or a 120 L1… im so happy i choosed for War Thunder

  13. Red Ensign

    rita: "you gotta work harder than that if you want me"

    jingles in background makes a "not THAT hard" face


  14. Brian A

    Bob Seger makes the best WoT soundtrack

  15. HaOz0r

    Jingles's face at those Snapshots =))) Priceless xD

  16. Mackflanagan

    un besu a tu padre ,por esa paciencia ke tiene cntigo 😉

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