1. Nokijuxas


  2. kristian hornby

    well led by me, not gonna lie it was a hard battle 😀

  3. acE

    gg =) 

    congrats Cobra and also the whole 5uper community!

  4. Kragoth13

    I'm curious how they get the landing in the first place. Oh wait….

    They don't need the FAME 😉

  5. Der Da

    This happens when they drive their accounts by herself 😀

  6. KingKeller

    Hi guys, I'm deputy of G__G. Awesome match. Our FC, and also the other players didn't remember this damn rule with draw… so we also don't played on win 😀 But GG. Congrats to your licences.
    Thanks for the other matches too.
    Maybe we'll upload a replay from another match against you 😛
    And all the others… don't worry, we're place 12 overall.

  7. Yoran Brevé

    Amazing, just, amazing…
    I have never seen such a thing.
    Did you guys tell them afterwards?

  8. lordchipmonk

    That was priceless!

    Felt a bit sorry for the other team as they clearly didn't now that they had to push, bu gg SUPER, gg. 🙂

  9. JFskeezix

    Top 20? Holy shit well done 🙂
    Although this game is very dull to watch, what a noobs that they lost because they don't know the rules… rofl

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