Type 59 Unicum Guide/Review, Playing From a Position of Strength

Type 59 Unicum Guide/Review, Playing From a Position of Strength

I review the Type 59, a tier 8 Chinese premium medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier 9 Highway battle.

Last month I won a Type 59 from the WGLNA Scavenger Hunt. I was eager to try this tank based on its controversial reputation. After 190 battles (58% WR, 2.7k WN8), in my opinion the Type 59 is solid in the current meta but is no longer overpowered. For those of you who don’t own the Type 59, don’t sweat it – power creep has caught up to it.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb turret protection, weak spots are very small
+ Excellent credit earner
+ Good gun depression (-7), unusual for a Chinese medium, which marries well with the turret and frontal hull protection
+ Frontal hull armor offers ~165mm of effective armor, even more when angled, and this is solid protection against tier 6 and 7 tanks
+ Preferential MM means this tank never sees tier 10s, although it now feels balanced relative to its MM
– Very long aim time (2.9)
– Poor accuracy (0.39)
– Agility and acceleration are mediocre
– Low DPM compared to other tier 8 mediums

Recommended Equipment
1. VStab
2. Rammer
3. Your choice of Optics, GLD, or Vents. I’ve tried all 3 and favor Optics for vision control, especially when solo queuing. Even with a GLD the gun handling is still suspect

1. I erroneously referred to the T95 as „Type 95“

Viewers have asked me to review various premium tanks that I don’t have in my garage. If you’re feeling generous and want to gift me a premium tank, let me know and in most cases I’ll be happy to review it.

This video is part of my „Road to Unicum“ series in which I share what I learned as I progressed towards account Unicum rating (top 1%) with silver ammo only. I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

„Road to Unicum“ full guide and FAQs:

“Road to Unicum” Guides & Tank Reviews for World of Tanks

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“Road to Unicum” Guides & Tank Reviews for World of Tanks




  1. m1ght csgo

    Add me on WOT ;D name: Miskopisko

  2. Brad Hall

    I like the way you release sniper view so quickly, I get sucked into seeing the hit a lot of the time. Also, the one key I always preach, patience. (WOT name: _Legion_of_Boom_ )

  3. Porki Chili

    Solid review. For less than 30€ back then this was and is an excellent value tank. It was the first tier 8 premium and when it was new Type 59 wolfpacks were killing everything on the map.

  4. Replays by FourTwenTV

    Thanks for the nice review(s)! got the Type 59 as well ! 😀

  5. Tl2aV

    This or the t34-3?

  6. nicholas dean

    Na I always kill myself at the end to get the extra few hundred damage

  7. Moose Only

    I love the X-files lttb name.

  8. Jaxon Gillespie

    He's just one of those people you meet that can never admit he did something wrong I've seen his replies to comments and are you unicum or have you been on the road to unicum for like 3 years?

  9. King Cookie

    this tank just sucks.

  10. Freddy K

    Good video, this is my favorite tank but it have become a bit of a love hate sitution 😛 mainly beacus of the gun stats and i hope they fix it, atleast the pen beacus its a bit low now days. (what summer camo did you have? :D)

  11. Dario kišak

    No apcr? Dude you have my respect

  12. Exhar Khun

    Ah… I missed these. It's been over a year since anyone last whispered the words "First Shot Advantage" in my ears. Guess the vacation is over. Time to Git Gut again 🙂

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