Update 3.5 Light Tank Rebalance | World of Tanks Blitz

Update 3.5 is bringing balance changes to the RU251, Lttb, T71 & Sp 1 C light tanks. Here I’m talking about those changes and what they mean.

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  1. Nerf Nut

    Update 3.5 was also supposed to have the dual research? where you can use two tanks to research one vehicle, from what I've read, but it doesn't seem to work, can someone explain this system?

  2. chris p

    how come the t54 ltwt wasn't nerfed… that is probably the most OP light tank. that thing legit bounces is-6 rounds off its front plate.

  3. mrblitzed

    This is a stunt to make us fire more premmo. I don't think that Wg gives a…. about balancing the game. Only the balance of the bank accounts is the concern for Wg.

  4. Robert

    once again noobs cry like babiex and shake their tits omg omg too op.. i cant defeat it you have to nerf it booo hooo… always the few loudest crying noobs ruining everything for the majority

  5. Bryan Li

    No complaints on the Ru251 or T71. Or any of the pen nerfs. My biggest problem is the SP I C. The interval nerf is completely unnecessary and a pen nerf was perfectly fine. And the LTTB, pushing people towards the second gun, I don't know what WG was thinking.

    Hopefully I'm overreacting with the SP I C. I really hope I am, because it used to be my favorite tank in the game with the two shot autoloader. No way it's gonna hold that position anymore, but hopefully it will remain a keeper for me.

  6. WR0 %

    i wonder how to make a robot tanks?? plz teach me

  7. DragonFire Blitz

    I think this is a stupid question but how can you face bots in the video?

  8. Rafael Valentín Muñoz Rodríguez

    Omfg now i couldnt get hull down in my 140 and wargaming ruined my sp i c to. Its worst than wargaming gave the m60 to noob players.

  9. polentusmax

    so they dint changed the vk2801, eheheh

  10. Yanlei Wang

    anon do u might to do a video for changes of russian mediums

  11. Sara Ma

    There goes my Sp 1c and Lttb

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