Update 9.10 Trailer: Japanese Heavy Tanks

Update 9.10 Trailer: Japanese Heavy Tanks

Update 9.10 introduces the new branch of the Japanese heavy tanks. These giants from the Land of the Rising Sun are ready to jump into action. Watch the trailer now!

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  1. Maki Nishikino

    Favorite Tech Line! Want it in Blitz too!!!!

  2. pickleking Small

    you know whatd be nice. to have there armor better. japanese heavies has no armor. allways artillery taeget it and its unfair. pls give them spaced armor andeven more armor.

  3. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre


  4. Edrei keep

    good lol

  5. Heater64k

    When are these coming to Xbox One?

  6. Mo gaiwell

    Maus is king

  7. Peter Melicher

    Godzilla tenks!!

  8. jonesjh rcfiend

    For PC or Console?

  9. Nukes Gamers

    so dumb… so epic! heh…

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